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Is it possible to remember something when still in the crib-or before 2 years?

I was just wondering about this...

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    Anger or fear secretes chemicals into the brain that make memories more vivid. I remember when my Dad gave me a roll of livesavers to celebrate my new twin sisters. He went to the hospital later to visit my mom and left me with a babysitter who took away my candy. I was 20 months old.

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    Memories stored as images in the mind would be too difficult if not impossible to retrieve using language, so you would not be able to remember anything nearly as vividly as most memories. You may get more of a flashback of an image when retrieving a memory from that age. This is because we create memories using desriptive words once we establish language skills, and we retrieve these memories using these words, but we can't do that with memories formed before language. It's a little complicated to explain, but I hope I did ok.

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    Although psychologists say that one cannot remember before the age of three, I tend not to believe it as I remember when I was two years of age sitting on my mothers bed and the photographer coming to take pictures of me but I was so upset and wanted to go back to sleep. If you ask how do I know I was two, well I saw the picture a few years ago and I told my mother I remember taking that picture and asked how old was I and she replied that I was two. My grandmother remember the House fire her mother had when she was six months. So the answer to your question would be, yes, in some cases people do remember!especially when it's traumatic

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    I believe so, I I had a professor once who had me conduct and experiment with my son as soon as he was able to communicate. He had me ask him several questions about the day he was born, and the answers he gave were astounding. 1. I asked him if he knew who was there, and he said "big people in pink and blue, and Grandma Jeanie"....the nurses on the maternity unit wore pink and blue uniforms!......and my mother was there.

    and the second was; Do you remember what it was like getting here? and he got a chair, drug it to the light switch and said " it was like this", he turned the light off, and then back on again. So I say yes, yes they do. They just aren't encouraged to remember, or generally asked about the experience. Now I ask all my nieces and nephews about it. They likewise have birth memories.

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    I remember flowers that were in a planter in our front yard when I was about a year old. I loved them. They were geraniums. My mom said that my dad took them out before I was 2, and we have no picutres of them that we can find. My folks still live there, and I am 44 years old.

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    You know I'm not sure, but I do know my first memory at was age 2

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