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Which is worse, a tornado watch or a tornado warning?

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    A watch means that conditions are favorable for the formation of a tornado in a certain area.

    A warning means that a tornado has formed and is predicted to move through a certain area.

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    Tornado Warning

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    The warning is, when you get a watch in your area, it means the conditions are right for tornadoes to form, this can be issued for several hours in advance of a storm, a warning indicates that it is doppler indicated or it was observed to be on the ground. This warning is issued until the tornado goes back inside the cloud.

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    A tornado warning. I had tornado watches in the past and I didn't even get a single drop of rain. A tornado waring is serious business.

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    a tornado warning. a tornado watch just means that tornados have the potential to develop. A tornado warning means that someone has seen one.

    Source(s): Living in the middle of a tornado breeding ground for 10 years.
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    A tornado warning..that means it is on the ground somewhere near you...

  • a watch means that it is in the area and/or coming, and a warning means get to a safe place now because it is really close and u have a good chance of getting hit by one

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    a warning

    the watch means it may be coming a warning means it is coming


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    a tornado warnig... it means there is one there already. a watch just means there is a chance.

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