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Why Will Turner still alive after being killed by Davy Jones? and Why couldn't he live with Elizabeth ?

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    XTINA has the right answer, but are you talking about the scene after the credits? They showed the green flash and they said that the green flash signals a soul coming back to this world. Will had to remain faithful to carry the bodies to the other side and Elizabeth had to stay faithful to Will for the 10 years that he was away and then the curse would be broken & Will could come on shore all the time & live with his family! He is too cute to only come on shore once every 10 years, savvy? ;)

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    Barbossa stabbed Will, and the only way for Will to say alive was if he stabbed the heart of Davy Jones. So, Depp made Will stab it, and in doing so, also made WIll captian of the Flying Dutchman. The job of the captain of the FD is to give the opportunity of going into Davy Jone's Locker to those who are near the end of their life, but afraid of death. So, as the captain of the FD, Will can only go on land once every 10 years. The rest of the time he spends navagating the seas. That's why he can only see Elizabeth so rarely.

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    will turner was going to die, but jack sparrow saved him by having will's hand stab davy jones heart. the flying dutchman needs a captain at all times, and the one who kills davy jones, or stabs his heart, becomes the captain. so now will will live for eternity, unless someone stabs his heart..

    also, he couldn't live with elizabeth because, like i said before, the dutchman needs a captain, and will needs to stay aboard the ship, or at least not on land. he can only go on land once every ten years. and having elizabeth aboard the dutchmen for all that time i guess.. couldnt work out? personally i think the creators just thought that the whole "never stepping on land except for once every ten years" thing would be ruined if elizabeth were to stay with will. he'd never have to go on land again then..

    yep, thats pretty much it.

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    After Davy Jones died someone had to take his place...Jack wanted to be that person so he could live forever, but he saw that Will was going to die. So he let Will stab the heart instead so he wouldn't die!

    That ultimatlly made Will the captain of the Flying Dutchman,

    And the captain of the Flying Dutchman could only set foot on land every ten years...that's why he couldn't see Elizabeth!

    Make Sense?

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    When he was stabbed by Davey Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow helpped Will stab Davey Jones Heart. For doing that he became the Captain of the Flying Dutchman. So for being the captain he can only walk on land every 10 years, just like Davey Jones.

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    He takes Davy Jones's place as the sort of ferry boat captain from here to the underworld, guiding the dead there. As part of the "requirements" of the job, he can only step foot on land every 10 yrs.

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    They put his heart in the cheast like davy jones' was and gave it to elizabeth .

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    they cut out his heart out and put it into the chest so he had to take over the duties that jones used to have. he couldn't live with elizabeth because along with his new duties he could only make port every ten years.

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