why become an owner operator of semi truck?

I have looked into buying my own truck and all charts show that after cost you earn about 31 cents per mile I would save all the money up to buy a used semi so i wouldn't have payment cost but what real cost would i have and my brother is buying a new truck and works for trans am he says after gas and truck payment here clears 1700 a week avg 3300 miles a week and i know this is true because now he has started a truck company and has bought 4 new trucks so what i want to know is everything i would need to run my own truck (permits. insur. plates all) and what a avg loads goes for when your not working for a company and what is better work for a company or for your self please help and ive been to layover.com plus alot of other sites

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    my uncle owns his own truck,and he wishes he didn't, the expense of running it today and keeping it up is really high,right now his is almost paid for but its going to need work done on it or trade it in and start over again,he said it was better to get paid the same thing from a company,and let hem pay all expenses right now he pays all his maintenance,and all, last week his air conditioner broke on his,and it cost him 2 thousand bucks to get it going again in about month or two he has to get new tires another few grand,it cost a lot to operate them,its something to think about,good luck hope this helps.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 37 yrs.
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    5 years ago

    Why would you want to? Are you that sure that you will like truck driving? Are you willing to put (it all) on the line for a job you might hate? It's a big expense with no guarantees. About the only way it's going to happen is if you have enough cash to buy a truck and trailer, your own authority, licensing and insurance. So if you have about 60-75 thousand dollars to piss away on something that may or may not work, go for it. That's for used equipment. No one is going to give you financing without experience. No one is going to have you haul their freight without experience. No one is going to give you a lease purchase deal without experience. Your first year out of school, you will tear something up. Statistical odds are against you on that. Wouldn't you rather be tearing up some one else's equipment? Your best bet is to get a year under your belt and see what it is all about. Then if you want to buy your own truck, at least you have some idea of what you are getting into. And don't go for some lease purchase deal. Even the best ones out there are still total rip offs.

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    Most of them don't make it. Maybe you would be better off working for your brother.

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