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movie props help?

hi as some of you may no about my last problem about effects i want to make movies. Now i recently saw the movie Panic Room last week and remembred seeing it a few years ago. i love when the mom takes the sledgehammer and knocks the guy dont a flight of stairs. i would love to recreate this scene. but i need a sledgehammer prop. iam not going take the risk of killing somone witha 20 pound sledgehammer. now i know about the sites that have pre made props but it would be nice to just be able to make one. o and it would be nice if anyone knew any additional props and how to make them. other than that im lookin for the hammer. if anyone can answer my somewhat odd question it would be great thanx

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    You can make one VERY easily This is also the "broke director" method. You know that dense green foam you stick silk plants into to make them stand upright in their basket or pot? Buy 6 or 7 of the larger ones and one or two balsa wood dowels, about 2 inches thick, cut to 3 foot lengths and narrowed in the middle to resemble a sledgehammer handle.

    Cut away and carve the foam pieces to resemble sledgehammer heads, then paint them with spray paint to make them look like metal, grey, red on the moddle part, etc. cut a hole in the bottom to fit the dowels. The main point is, it has to look as much like your REAL sledgehammer as possible.

    If painting doesnt work well, do you know that rubber dipping compound they sell in gallon cans to dip your tool handles in? Buy a gallon of that and dip your carved sledgehammer heads in there. Not too thick a coat or the head will look too big on the handle.

    You have to establish the sledge is real. Your sledge wielder has to bash out a piece of the wall or the coffee table or something, so the audience knows it's a real sledge and can do real damage. Then, when you switch to the prop sledge, it looks enough like the real sledge, people will just assume it's the same one, until you bury it in some victim's chest. The foam heads are good because they compress a bit upon impact, making it look as though you buried the sledge into the guys chest, but, being actually very light, it will bounce off the actor's chest pretty easily. This is where you need a good editor. And also, ONE hit, one head. The head will be unusable after it takes any impact, unless its dipped in that compound stuff.

    Another way is to fab one or two out of rubber, then stuff it like a turkey with rags or foam, then attach it to the dowel. It will have more weight which means it will look heavier on film, etc. But it will be more expensive than the foam heads.

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