Sooo i just found a coupla bungee cords... lets do something with them....LIKE BREAK WINDOWS! WOOT!!!?

sike. lets just make some sling shots and have shot fight.

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  • pir8
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    1 decade ago
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    aaw no, lets go bungee jumping!! Please!!! I always wanted to go bungee jumping!! Or skydiving - yeah, we can used them as the straps for our parachutes!!! omg, that would be SO cool - I always wanted to risk my life doing something extreme and fun, and that's about as extreme as you can get .... well, when you're done with your little sling shot fight (okay, that sounds fun too I guess lol) you can give them to me and I'll go bungee jumping by myself. okay? I mean, maybe I shouldn't take you, because if you die it would be my fault because people could say I coerced you into going and then your family would sue me and I don't have anything to sue for so I'd probably end up in jail or something and then that would be so NOT fun, and it would entirely wipe out the positive vibes from the bungee jumping .... you know what? I don't really feel like dying yet either.

    maybe you're right.

    We should just have a sling shot fight, it's a lot safer.

    let's just be careful whose windows we break - in fact maybe we shouldn't break any windows. We might still end up in jail ....

    oh , and let's NOT shoot any police officers in the head.

    Not good. never a good idea at all .....

    Ooh!! let's go mosquito hunting!! the nasty little buggers are everywhere now out sucking people's blood - we could make it our mission to rid the world of mosquitos with bungee-cord slingshots!!!

    you know what? I need to shut up, this is getting way too drawn out ... ;O)

    okay, I'm just cutting it off right here - I'm done now!

    Have a nice day!! :OD

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ahh bungee cords hurt o.o


    Last time I found some bungee cords we decided to hammer them in a tree and... err.. bungee?

    Haha dumb, I know, but we were bored out of our minds.

    Well not surprisingly when we went to climb up the tree it snapped out, and it snapped my finger and like jammed it or something. Hah 2 of my fingers were purple and black for the next couple weeks.

    So yeah, beware, they snap off of things they're hooked to.

    good luck:]

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    why don't you jump off a bridge to see if they work...there's a label i here can't read too well, what's it say? def-...defecti-?

    oh well, doesn't matter

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