Who planned out the keyboard and why did he plan it out the way he did?

Ha I was just typing and became curious. Any thoughts?

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    Well computer teacher said so u wouldnt type too fast and u could injure urself or something like that. And u would be more accurate cause if it was alphabetical u'd go really fast and u'd be prone to making more mistakes.

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    The Dvorak keyboard, named for its inventor, Dr. August Dvorak, was designed with the goal of maximizing typing efficiency. For over a century, typists have been using the qwerty keyboard arrangement, a hack that was implemented to work around the mechanical limitations of early typewriters. Contrary to popular opinion, the qwerty design was not actually invented to slow typists down. Rather, the layout was intended to place common two-letter combinations on opposite sides of the keyboard. On manual typewriters, each key is mechanically connected to a lever that has the reversed image of a letter on it. If a typist were to hit two keys on the same side of the keyboard in rapid succession, the second lever on its way up would hit the first on its way down, the keys would become stuck together, and the typist would have to stop typing and unstick the keys. Computer Keyboards adopted the same layout.

    So there you have it.

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    The first keyboard were laid out differently, putting most often used letters under the strongest fingers. The problem was that as typists became faster, the keys would jam. (Remember the old typewriters with the letters that struck on the ribbon, and how when you pressed two of them quickly they would jam?) Well, the solution to that problem was to move the most-often used letters to weaker fingers, thereby slowing down the typists and reducing the frequency of 'jams.' Dvorak keyboards are still available, and typing speeds can be much quicker on them. But it may be difficult to re-teach your fingers!...

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    Who, I can't answer - but it has been around for quite a while, having been used on type-writers. As a previous poster noted, this was done so that you couldn't type TOO fast - and jam the keys up. Unfortunately that is unnecessary with modern computers, and more efficient layouts (like the Dvorak) exist, but are very rare.

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    It was designed like that because typing too fast on a typewriter would get the letters all jumbled up.

    When they invented computers that you can type on they just carried over the old keyboard design.

    Source(s): something i saw on the History Channel
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