Why do Blacks have a chip on their shoulder when slavery is alive and well in CHina India Russia and Mexico?

and American Blacks have been free for 2 hundred years? Unbelievable isnt it? People are still in slavery and they whine about something that has nothing to do with them today! How lucky Blacks are and anyone in these such countries whom still have slavery would love to trade places with the Blacks of AMerica! Thank your lucky stars you do not live in such countries as these poor present day slaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    When Americans calmer to do something for the downtrodden and hungry in the world, why aren't there Black organizations raising money fast and furious to buy slaves in Sudan so they can be free? I have wondered why they would not rush to their aid or anyone's aid.

    Why is Danny Glover asking what can be done to help the hungry children? Why isn't he buying freedom for hundreds of children in slavery? He has plenty of money, as compared to most. (Not that he doesn't deserve to have plenty of money just as any of us deserve and hope to have.)

    I am talking in generalities. Of course, some blacks are very generous with this and other causes, but why not a real uprising from the black community to raise funds to free the slaves?

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    Yes i am happy not to be a slave but that does not mean that I have to accept discrimination.

    We are not the ONLY ones that point out discrimination in the work place and in the justice system. Many white open minded people agree that racisim still is alive. Perhaps you are not a racist ...but their are many white people that are ...in 2000 Alabama removed its ban on innerracial marriage and 40% voted to keep it. God made us so that we had free will and can be with whoever we want to ..yet many feel that its unconstitutional. race issues still exist. Face it. There are MANY white people that cant stand black folks! case and point this question ..do you feel we have a Black problem in this country? We actually have a immigration and terriorist problem and a problem with toooo many white women aborting babies! Also we have many white business men and the wealthy that profit from the poor blue coller worker (i.e, Enron).

    Please do not group all blacks in one category. The majority of black people that i know are just barely trying to feed their families and better themselves...no time to run around talking about slavery. We have moved on ..now just trying to deal with the closet racisim that we and many white people have attested to knowing and witnessing.

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    How is there slavery in my country and in china. what are you foolish pindos talking about Russia does not have slaver and never did. china does not have slaver i live 20 mins from china border. Is this what your tought in school that countries like mexico china india, russia and mexico has slavery which they dont its foolish think they do. India does have in some places a caste system but that viturely gone.

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    I plan on going to help people in those situations when I join the peace corp. As for a chip on my shoulder, I dont have one and I dont like it when other black people get so ready to throw the race card, but racsim and discrimination do still exist in the US. So please dont generalize, you sound ignorant when you do.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you're white aren't you?

    and a conservative I bet?

    why do conservatives always condone their actions with "it's worse in other places"? This is America, not Russia the last time I checked...

    I hold us to a higher standard personally...

    if you want to hold the standards of Russia and China... then move there...

  • YR1947
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    1 decade ago

    i went down to the local mall i couldn't find any slave traders could you please give me a few references or contact details

    black slavery was brutally forced this slavery is trickery just as bad but different approach

    among a few of you ignorance is bliss get your facts straight and then ask a proper question

  • 1 decade ago

    Because they don't live in China, India, Russia and Mexico, they live right here.

  • 1 decade ago

    You shot your little soap box moment all to hell when you said "2 hundred years" check a history book before making yourself look like a fool.

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    Wow....ummm, African Americans have not been free for 200 years. There's a little something called the civil rights movement and to this day, they are still discriminated against. Do your research before spouting off nonsense.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sounds like your the one with a chip on your shoulder

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