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i am 86 am in fair health medical i am interested in joining how?

i halve medicare do you halve medical and other financis. very new on computer and type . self learned.

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    um hello what was your question?

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    Hello! Welcome to the world of Yahoo!

    If you want to talk to "real people"who are familiar with services that can help seniors--especially those who are in the "low-income" ranges-- are good at listening and at cutting through red tape, I would highly recommend that you connect with your local Area Agency on Aging.

    Area Agencies on Aging are one of the best kept secrets around for older Americans and their families who are seeking information and answers to questions like this one. There is an Area Agency on Aging not far from where you live, since this is a national network. The staff there will visit with you and guide you to information about services and options that might be available to you in your particular situation where you live. They are very familiar with Medicare, Medicaid, housing options and other community services that are subsidized with government funds in your state and community. If they don't know the answer to a particular question--they will know the person who can provide the answer. It is important to know that these organizations are not "selling" any particular product or service so the information you and your family will recieve will be objective.

    You can call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 to find how to contact the Area Agency serving you. When you call your local Area Agency on Aging, ask for the "Information and Assistance" staff person. Then, when you visit wth this person, explain your situation and ask to arrange an in-person appointment.

    Another thing to know is that Area Agencies on Aging have resources and support services that help older Americans' caregivers. Also, some Area Agencies on Aging have employment assistance for people who are in your age range.You might find other helpful information by making this call.

    If you do contact your local Area Agency on Aging and like the help that they give you, let your local county officials and your folks in Congress know, too. Area Agencies on Aging don't have big budgets--their funding comes from the Older Americans Act and appropriations have not increased for years! Your voluntary financial contribution of any amount--which is absolutely not required to get the help you need to answer this question--would certainly be appreciated.

    Hope this helps! Thanks for a good question and best wishes to you!

    Source(s): National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
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