What happened on Dog the Bounty hunter on Tuesday?

A&E made it look so dramatic...what happened?

I just remember hearing beth say...If I die.....What happened?

It aired Tuesday June 26th 2007

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    Dog thinks he's got an average day of bounty hunting ahead of him, but he couldn't be more wrong. Beth calls a client, Daphne, whose bond they have to revoke and makes a shocking discovery: Daphne's cosigner on her bond and ex-boyfriend, Bobby, has just committed suicide. Soon a sobbing Daphne turns herself in and Dog has his hands full trying to console her when another fugitive arrives at the office also to surrender. But it's not until Bobby's grieving mother arrives to confront Daphne that the emotional fireworks really start flying. It is a day filled with pain, sorrow and forgiveness--a day the Dog and the Da Kine team will never forget.

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    Dog gives Beth her own bounty and when she goes to call the co-signer there is a message on his voicemail that says something like" I told you not to push Daphne, this is for you,take care"

    Beth thinks it's weird but nothing clicks, anyway she ends up getting a hold of Daphne the fugitive and is told.She yells for Duane and then get's Daphne to tell the story.

    A distraught Daphne comes to the office and they arrest her even though they don't really want to at that time.

    Meanwhile the mother and brother of the guy who commited suicide show up and the mother ends up talking and forgiving Daphne for making her son so upset that he did this.

    While all this was happinging Dog had another fugitive call and turn herself in and when they were taken to jail she requested that she be put in a cell with Daphne to watch over her.

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    Beth didn't say that-she said the guy died. It was a guy that co-signed a bond for his girlfriend, decided he wanted to revoke it, then committed suicide.

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    They had a bounty. They searched for the bounty. They found the bounty. They arrested the bounty. THE END.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i missed it ,but i knew it was going to be dramatic,or someone was going to die .

    if you know ,please share.

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