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access shared files from anywhere?

hello, i have a wireless card on a windows PC, and i share files throughout our network on our Mac Laptops, now if i want to access those files from anywhere using the internet, what software or settings can i put on my Windows PC so i can access my files on my Mac from anywhere?


i want to take my Mac Lappy anywhere and access my PC files, i thought the question was a little confusing, so just to clear it up.

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    try Network Magic @

    "Access shared files on your home PCs over the Internet when you are away

    Create a personalized Web site with public and private (password protected) access

    Share photos and files with friends and family in only a few clicks!

    With the RSS capabilities friends and family can subscribe to your Web site "feed" and view your public content (such as photos) from their favorite RSS viewer"

    FREE Alts:

    or something like (http server) (ftp server)

    but you'll need a dns service of some type.

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    Try hamachi:

    You can easily set up a virtual private network to access shared folders and files anywhere there is high speed internet

    by the way network magic is a good way but there is no mac version only pc

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    You could use FTP for that.

    Windows has something called IIS (Internet Information Services) built in.

    This is not installed by default and probably is only included in Windows XP Professional, not Home edition.

    This will give you more information on how to install this:

    Note that this is a potential security risk and you have to keep your computer on all the time.

    A better solution would be to put your files on a website or something.

    Try Box, it's free and works quite well:

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    To access the sharing file there is 2 way ..

    Do this in ur laptop start – run – type \\ (PC ip address) press enter .

    It will ask you the pc user name password enter the user name and password it will so you all the sharing file .

    Or else configure FTP in your PC and access the Sharing file any where ….

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