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How do you make out??

I am 15 and I am having my first boyfriend come over tomorrow. I am hoping that we will make out. We have kissed a lot but tomorrow I am hoping that we will move a little further. I am not looking to have sex or anything but, I want it to feel good. I cant go to my parents for this, because they say I have to be 18 before I can have a boyfriend. But I have talked to her a bit but she wont cave in. I need some help on how to make out. I would like to use the tounge, but I dont know how to.

Thanks for all your help!!! :)


0 and dont say that because my parents said that I couldnt have a boyfriend that I shouldnt. I have had 1 other, so back off before you even start.


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    Being physical involves doing what feels good to you. Sometimes that takes experimenting.

    "Making out" is basically kissing, cuddling and groping. Keep boundaries by telling him when to stop or just flat out telling him up front. Communicate while making out ( and when you eventually have sex). Stuff like "How's that feel? Are you comfortable? Does that turn you on? Try a little lower" etc. will help you figure out what your partner and you like. You can also try massaging each other.

    It's really not that complicated. Most people are just happy that they're doing it.

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    Seriously, although it sounds cliche, you'll just pick it up. Do you remember how nervous you were about your first kiss and how to kiss? It's the same thing. Since it will be your first make out session, you may want to not use as much tongue, just until you get the hang of it. He's probably just as preoccupied with this subject as you are, so don't sweat it! Good luck!

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    there r a lot of kissing sites. just search the web. it's not that hard to find one. but don't worry about kissing your boyfriend. it comes naturally. u just know what to do. don't be tense, if your too tense your bf will back off and u don't want that i can see. and if you make out don't wear lipstick. that has disaster written all over. good luck ^^

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    Oh, the rebellion in teeangers today.

    One thing leads to another...and since you have went against your parents wishes, you will continue to find ways until you realize what you did.

    How will you explain that?

    Listen to reason and maybe a compromise can be attained. If you can show respect to your parents, they may give you "more slack" due to maturity.

    Hate to say it, you're not showing any maturity and reaon for your parents to trust you.

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    Move your tongue into his mouth and rub against his tongue and his cheeks (inside surface) and around his teeth and gums. He should do the same then for you while you move your tongue back into your mouth. You can also move your tongue around on the outside of his lips.

    Making out also consists of rubbing and hugging. You can rub you body against his in different ways and use your hands to rub his body where ever it feels good.

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    actually u dot have to do any depends on ur bf if he's able to make u feel good.

    the only thing u can do is give heads to him

    and by the early warning...its gonna hurt at 1st attempt...and a lot...unless u did a lota practice.

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    theres this rythm you have . cant exactly explain iht . but have it sensual . dont rush your tongue in his mouth . it'll come naturally and not as complicaed as you think . =)

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    Not something you can explain

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    kisss, and use your tongue, you silly freak

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