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???he says it hurts???? answer me!!!!?

My friend says his p###* is tender to the touch,and sometimes it looks chaffed, only on 1 part , he said nonthing came out meaning puss or anything like that what could it be????


no raised skin just looks like a dry patch and it just hurts to touch

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    It's a subtle way of telling you he yanks it whenever he thinks of you...and he's been yanking it 24/7!!!

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    did he have sex and not use the lube??? that could be it or it could be a STD. but chafing....probably just needed to get some more lube.

    OMG - - update your question. where is the spot located?

    is it like, chafed to the point where the skin is kinda dry looking and sits up off the skin a little, like you could peel it off or what?

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    Are there ever sores? Herpes can manefest like that, or, he could also be having a localized drug eruption. Sudafed specifically is notorious for causing rashes on the penis.

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