bradon wright for jason richardson, good move by warriors?

i like j.r., but wright has tremendous upside, will give warriors inside force.

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    1 decade ago
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    as a warriors fan, this goes beyond wright and richardson. jrich was my favorite warrior and i am pissed that he got traded. but i understand why this trade went down. the thing is, even though jrich is the fan favorite and the organization loves him, he is due 12 mill next year. and 48mill the next 4 years. if we kept him, then it was a sure thing that we say good bye to either monta or andris biedrins or both. now that we have cleared jrichs salary, we can re-sign them. so moving jrich was for the future. the warriors have so many athletic wings and guards jrich was expendable since he made the most money. but i know wright has a lot of potential but thats what it is, potential nothing is for sure. but i think its a good move for GS because losing monta and andris would be worst than losing jrich.

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    This is not a good trade. They are trading a player who is known to come out on top and a draft pick for an unknown rookie who has yet to prove himself. That is very risky. If Brandan Wright turns out to be a bust, they have really made the worst trade ever. They say that Wright's talents will be an asset to the team, but his talents are from college. NBA is a whole different level, who knows whether he can shine or not. Hopefully he will not be an upset for the franchise, although I doubt he will help the Warriors a lot.

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    I think it was a great move by the Warriors. J. Rich has a big fat contract - 4 yrs- $14 mil per year. and Wright is a great athlete- all the draft experts said he was a steal at #8 and many mock drafts had him as high as the #3 pick.

    He is athletic and likes that up and down the court style that Golden State plays.

    Good move.


  • Cliff
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    zomg! teh tremendous upside potential!!!

    im not a big brandon wright fan, but he COULD be a potential star in this league... he obviously has the physical tools and athleticism, but im just worried about his reputation as a player who doesnt always work hard, something that i saw j-rich WAS in the playoffs. it was jrich's first playoffs (sad isnt it, how after his first taste, we immediately send him to the bobcats, lol. we'll miss you jrich!) and he showed what a great player and leader he can be when it counted... i didnt care for brandon wright before the draft, but now im salivating at at his potential and being in an uptempo system should help to cover some of his flaws... but then again i could just be delusional about Brandon Wright since i have to learn to like the him... we'll miss you jrich! we believe!!!!!!!!

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    obviously the warriors might have known something about richardson that no one else knows, whether its something about an injury or whatever.... to give up perhaps their second best player for someone that no doubt could be great but is no where near developed right now, the warriors must have known something no one did....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hell no this wasn't a good move. I love MJ, but he screwed up AGAIN. Damn, what in the hell was he thinkin', they must be gettin' toasted in the office. Other than trade bait, I don't see any other need to take Jason Richardson.

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    1 decade ago

    great move, imagine how great brandon wright could be? many experts had him right behind oden and durant. j rich already peaked, and he is easily replacebale. all he was, was an atheltic 2 guard that could dunk.

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