How can you combine the torque of two or more engines ?

Actually, I was wondering whether I can combine two or more car engines to power a 750KVA electricity generator. If its possible, how can I combine the output of the individual engines with minimum loss of power ? Thanks !

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    Ships have been doing this for over an hundred years. It's not cheap or easy, but using a common gearing system for both shafts will work. An easier solution to generate electricity is to have both engines drive a separate generators. Multiple generators feeding a common bus will give you the flexibility to operate the engines are peak efficiency and allow you vary the power based on demand. Need to work out the numbers, but buying smaller engines running at top of their power curves may be less expensive than one or two larger engines running off peak. With many small engines you can always shut one down if load decreases, but you may not have that option with larger engines. Overproduction may be redirected into the public grid which may reduce you billing amount.

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    The only really feasible strategy is to attach two identical engines together at the crankshaft, so they always spin at the same speed. Basically, you need to connect the flywheels together. You must position the engines very precisely, or there will be nasty rotary vibration.

    You must also make sure both engines are in good working order, and are throttled identically, or else one engine will be dragging down the performance of the other.

    If you attach two very engines using a differential, you'll put lots of stress on the differential and lose lots of power to friction.

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    Most automotive engines are capable of less than 100KW continuous, and then only with some serious consideration for cooling. Trying to synch up 5 or more such engines well enough to put their torque on one shaft is quite a challenge - I think I'd rather trade them in on a diesel big enough to power the generator by itself, or trade the generator for several smaller ones.

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    Yes you can. Have you ever seen "tractor pulls" They will line up 4 supercharged v8 engines :) Crazy stuff.

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