Why would someone wear this?

I saw a girl once with a t-shirt that had a picture of Jesus dead on the cross. He had the crown of thorns and everything and was dripping with blood. Under his spread arms were the words, "I love you this much." It made me think of a horror movie with some dead person coming at me trying to believe they are still alive. I definitely did not feel the love from that. Should people put more thought into religious depictions sometimes?

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    Shock value. You may not have liked it, but you still remember it, right? It made you think? It affected you enough for you to post this question about it? It achieved its purpose.

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    I know the T-shirt you have described. It is a wonderful work of Art. Because I am an artist, I can appreciate this work. It is not only a master piece but is a visual icon of the pain and suffering one man endured for mankind. That is what we as Christians believe and the message is profound. This is how much Jesus Loved the world. Enough to go to death for what he believed in. He did not do it for himself. He could have hidden and not been killed. It was not just a battle between the Temple of Jerusalem's leaders and him, it was a Spiritual battle that needed to take place to defeat and eliminate the hold that Darkness had on everyone that lives. The t-shirt does depict his sacrifice of Love, but also the torture mankind is capable of to one of their own, for contrived reasons, ignorance, and selfishness.

    Maybe the next time you see one you will look at it in a different light. Jesus does Love you enough to allow others to nail him to a cross with arms wide open. He does Love you this Much. What you may have endured if he hadn't may have been more horrible and tragic.

    Rev. TomCat

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    While I agree some artwork of the Crucifixion are a bit overdone, the underlying message is nevertheless true.

    The MOST important thing that Jesus did for us was die for our sins to give us the gift of everlasting life.

    He did rise from the dead but rising from the dead did not open the gates of heaven for us, dying for our sins did. Artwork depicting the Crucifixion in no way denies the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the MOST important point in all of history.

    Artwork depicting the Crucifixion reminds us of this moment.

    With love in Christ.

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    I think it's a wonderful sentiment to display on a T-0Shirt. According to YOUR Religion, Jesus loved the World enough to willingly die to SAVE everyone. If HE can express HIS love for ALL people then WHY do some find it hard to love others When THEY don't HAVE to get crucified on a cross to SHOW it? I think THAT is the intent behind the shirt and find nothing gruesome nor insulting about it at all.

    Raji the Green Witch

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    Christians are brainwashed from a young age to think that has meaning, but suppose you were an adult, kept mercifully free in sterile conditions never hearing about Christianity or any religion until your adult brain formed. Then they came around telling you that a Perfect God with full knowledge and foresight made an Imperfect creation with sin and suffering, the only solution being NOT direct action (since human Free Will is some kind of force-field or something) but God cuts off a piece of himself, calls it his Son, and then sends it down in a pathetic piece of street-theater to go get killed for the amusement of some Romans and Jews. So he sacrifices himself to himself, this reflexive act then changing nothing in the universe which goes on as before.

    Sounds pretty silly, doesn't it? How does this "sacrifice" achieve anything if the universe does NOT consist of psychic sin particles waiting to be cleansed by a random self-mutilation by a roving severed limb of God? In fact, maybe there's more psychic energy to cleanse sin in a REAL sacrifice, like the mass suicide of over 900 people drinking cyanide Kool-Aid in some jungle commune in Guyana. That's what the culmination of Christianity is REALLY about! So come on, believe, and follow THEIR example, not some crybaby hanging on two sticks of wood, who didn't want to drink the cup he was offered.

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    Well, I love that shirt and in fact wear one myself....I can understand how some people might be disturbed by it. But truth is, Jesus did do that just for 'you' and 'me' and for everyone that would accept Him...His arms are outstretched to encompass all who will believe in Him.

    But you also have to turn the page, it didn't end there, Jesus is risen, He is alive and well and He's in heaven. He is coming back to claim all His children, the children of Abraham. All who have accepted Jesus into their hearts and have let Him be the ruler of their lives are adopted into the family of Abraham.

    The only 'horror' in this picture is for those who won't accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and their horror will be for all eternity!

  • cheir
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    1 decade ago

    There is a principle in advertising that the more shocking the ad. the greater the impact. That tends to be true. A prime example is Mel Gibson's film - The Passion of Christ - which did indeed have considerable impact. The truth can be extremely unpalatable and shocking.

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    The Bible says that Jesus died on the cross with thorns on HIS head, what is the problem? Seeing it?

  • BERT
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    1 decade ago

    If you saw some goth walking around with a skull that had a knife poking through it's eye with blood gushing out you probably wouldn't say anything about it, even though it's senseless and morbid for the sake of being morbid.

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    If you believe in Christian redemption it makes perfect sense. The life and death of Jesus was based on a His willingness to atone for the sins of mankind that had made humans unworthy of a reconcilation with God. By acceptance of what was mankind's punishment for sin - death - in a kind of proxy for mankind - Christian now have a path by which they can approach God to once again become one with His purposes. Jesus believed that His own death was saving mankind from eternal destruction, and his willingness to die such a hard death to do that showed His love for Mankind.

    I'm not really a Christian but that's my read on it.

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    1 decade ago

    What he was put through was far worse than that. That was just the ending of his torment. It's hard to look at, but the image is realistic. Just like the image of a partial birth abortion. You may stumble across those images and not like them, but it doesn't mean they don't happen. To downplay would be to falsify it.

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