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burning ps2 game. could someone help me?

i learn the diy(magic key) to mod the ps2. i use nero 7 burning rom to copy the disc and put it in the system but still didn't working. does anyone know what i did wrong? my brother use the swap magic disc but still doesn't do any good? do i need any other program to made it work? need some advice from expert!! thanks

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    'Yes, but you need a program called HD Loader ($30-$40, not sold in stores). HD Loader can rip all of the data from a PS2 DVD game and store it onto the HDD (PS One games do not work). The best part is that the game can be booted from the HDD. Since it reads the game completely from the hard drive, the infamous PS2 disc read error will completely vanish. In addition, load times are [usually] greatly decreased. No mod-chips are required to use HD Loader.

    We have tested the HD Loader and it works great. The bad part is that some PS2 games do not work. Please note: HD Loader is NOT a licensed Sony product. Update: Due to Sony's lawyers, production on the official HD Loader has already stopped. No more will be made. There are several HD Loader clones out there and even some illegal HD Loaders being sold. However, please do not ask me where to find these products. They can be found if you do your own research on Google.

    Update: The best alternative to HDloader is HD Advance 2.0. Please do not rip games that you do not actually own.'

    Check out this website as well..

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    it fairly is amazingly a threat, I do it myself, yet you will choose a DVD burner, and a modded or changed Ps2. you are able to order mod chips on your Ps2 yet they require you to open up your equipment to place in. If this sounds too risky, there additionally are "plug and play" mod chips that allow you to insert a undeniable disc, and while that disc is loaded, replace out that disc for the blistered game. For all mod chips inspect this internet site, and click on the photos for instructions on a thank you to apply them.

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    dude i am facing the same problem but i think the problem is that we can only burn pc games not playatation games.

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