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What are Michael Jordan and the rest of the Bobcats bigwigs doing?

Why do we need Jason Richardson? Like Stephen A. Smith said, he doesn't belong in our style of offense. He's a good fit with Golden State. Wright was the better choice to me, and if you were going to trade him, trade him for somebody that plays in the lowpost. We already have shooters, I really don't understand this. Does Jordan remember he picked Kwame Brown at number 1? The greates player ever needs to be a role player when it comes to managing. I'm a Bobcats fan, and yes we want to win badly, but we don't want to go through more rebuilding phases. What are your thoughts?

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    man, i feel for you as a bobcats fan. im a life-long mavs fan and had to deal with 10 years of idiocy from management, it was maddening how incompetent they were. i think jordan likes winning too much to continue to be this bad in the front office, either he'll hire a Jerry Krause-type to scout for him, or he'll work around the clock to prove he can do more than this

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    I don't understand why everyone is so jumpy about this trade. Michael Jordan has been trying to trade the pick for weeks for a proven veteran and he got one in Jason Richardson. Charlotte has a lot of young talent but they need veteran leadership and a proven scorer and J-Rich supplies them with it. They don't have an outside shooting star level player (Raymond Felton couldn't make a shot even if his life depended on it nor could Adam Morrison or Gerald Wallace) or a guard who could create his own shot. J-Rich should complement Raymond Felton's penetration and open up the lanes for Emeka Okafor and Sean May. The Bobcats need offense and this trade has definitely supplied them with plenty of that. On the other hand, Brandon Wright may not fit in with Charlotte because they already have a log jam of forwards with Morrison, G-Wall, Carroll, May, Okafor, etc, you get the picture. I think this trade should help Charlotte get over the hump and become a bonafide playoff team.

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    I don't remember Jordan being the GM I though he was part owner of the team

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    I think the Celtics organization is still marveling of what Mj has done.

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