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How did the GS Warriors do in the draft?

Im a big warriors fan but i don't know much about the players they drafted. How did the warriors do in the draft to satify their needs in your opinion. I also heard talks of some trades before the draft involing the warriors and i would like to know if any of those trades are still possible. Did the warriors succeed in the draft or did they fail to improve and how well do you see them doing in the next year? No playoffs, first round loss, etc.? Please answer if you know.

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    I think the Warriors pulled off a home-run in this year's draft. We have a lot of guards and small forward but our only legit big players are Al Harrington and Andris Biedrins. Al is a big forward who plays more like a versatile guard than a inside forward while Biedrin's offense is very limited. We traded Jason Richardson to Charlotte for the draft rights to their # 8 pick Brandan Wright who has a post-game and great athleticism to play defense (average 1 steal and around 2 blocks his freshmen year). Wright has a nice 7’4” wingspan and plays like a true power forward but at 200 pounds, he lacks the bulk to bang with the big men in the NBA. He'll need to gain weight and build more upper body strength if he's going to continue playing power forward at the next level. Wright was projected be taken around the 3rd - 5th pick but he slipped all the way to the 8th pick where Charlotte grabbed him. The Warriors also used their 18th pick to take guard Marco Belinelli from Italy. From what I heard and seen about this guy, he can shoot, drive, and pass - which is a perfect fit for the Warriors run-and-gun style.

    By trading away Jason Richardson, we opened up more playing time for Monte Ellis and gave us some much needed inside toughness with Wright. There is no guarantee that Wright won't turn into the next Marvin Williams (great college run but average NBA career) but there is also a slight chance that he could become the next Chris Bosh (another thin frame power forward who was able to emerge in the NBA). I believe the Warriors did well in the draft and only time will tell how Wright will do in the pros but you gotta love the prospects of the team they have now. If Brandan Wright and Patrick O'Bryant (another projected big men we took with a lottery pick last year) live up to their potential, we may finally be able to compete with the big boys in the west and YES, I'm talking about the Spurs, Suns, Mavs, Jazz, Nuggets, and Rockets. This is what the Warrior's lineup could look like next season.

    PG - Baron Davis / Monte Ellis

    SG - Stephen Jackson / Marco Belinelli

    SF - Mickael Pietrus / Matt Barnes

    PF - Al Harrington / Brandan Wright

    C - Andris Biedrins / Patrick O'Bryant

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    i can't stand the warriors but they did pretty well in the draft. they made a steal of a trade in getting Brendan Wright for J-Rich, Wright is a stud and only 19, he'll be good for a long time. they also got that guy from Italy, kind of a Manu Ginobilli type player. i hope GS sucks next year, but unfortunately i think yall are on the way to winning

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    Belinelli is real nice, but they should have drafted Josh McRoberts in the 2nd Round. He was a lottery talent and he fit well with their team makeup. So they did well, but it could have been much better.

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    Their second round pick is going to be a nobody, but Marco Belinelli has some potential because he's competitive, experienced, and plays up-tempo.

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    They did pretty good, the Italian dude and they robbed us by taking Wright. Actually, we robbed ourselves, can't really blame Golden State. Damn.

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