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If my period comes early, but I'm on the pill, can I still have sex?

So my period came early because I was on antibiotics for a sinus infection. However, I am still taking the "on" pills until Tuesday. If my period stopped today, and I'm taking the "on" pills, is it safe to have sex? Or will my body think I'm on "off" pills (that is, the sugar pills) regardless?

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    Antibiotics make your pills ineffective, so you need to be using a backup contraceptive for the next pack. Don't risk it, just use a condom.

    Best of luck!

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    If you were on antibiotics, you can have sex but with additional protection like a condom. Antibiotics can make the pill worthless.

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    The antibiotic should not react with your pill, but check with your neighborhood pharmacy & they should be able to tell you. As long as you have been taking your pill regularly you should be fine.

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    the antibiotics probably screwed up your pill effectiveness, so i'd suggest using a condom until your next pack... but to be sure talk to your doctor..

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