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Found a anime site that has detective conan?

Okay its direct downloads it takes about 30 minutes for me to download an episode but its faster than torrent for me. Torrent takes about 3 hours to 4 days for me. So heres the site below.

If u think u have a better detctive conan site that has close to the number of episodes as the one i put down and its direct download e-mail me or put in ur answer doesn't matter but i don't u guys know one better. O and places that only let u watch don't count cuz sooner or later they'll be deleted and u won't be able to watch it unlikle download sites where once downloaded u have forever


Yes the episodes are subbed in english with japenese voices i think its better that way anyway cuz i been watching bleach in japenese with subs and then watched the american version and it sounded terrible compared to the japan version

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    Try this link below:

    You could watch it online for free. I know for sure the episodes are not completed but they update pretty often. ^_^

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    That site doesnt work for me I get a message that says IE was not able to open site, The request site may either be unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later...

    BUT!!! Good news!!! I finally found what we are looking for after ages of searching, asking and stuff... go to this is not a joke.. at first thought it's to good to be true.. but its 4real! finally a site that has all DC episodes!!!

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    is this detective conan episodes only??

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