Does Danny Ainge Hate Me?

Why would Ainge trade the 5th (Jeff Green), D-West and Wally for Ray Allen and the 35th pick (Big Baby)?

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of Wally leaving town, but trading West and Jeff Green for a 32 Shooting Guard with ankle injuries sounds horrendous. He'll be out of the league in four years when Green should be hitting his prime. I like the gamble on Big Baby, but the Celts got robbed? Anyone agree? Disagree?

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    No, I don't think Danny Ainge hates you personally.

    I think it's a good trade. I'd take a proven 20+ scorer such as Ray Allen over Jeff Green any day. Plus, Glen Davis will make a solid, psychical post backup to Jefferson and Perkins. And we all know Wally's headed downhill and West was nothing irreplaceable.

    I only question one detail: How are Paul Pierce and Ray Allen going to co-exist? I understand Pierce will play the role of superstar because he was there long before Allen, but will they move Pierce to the small forward and put Allen into the shooting guard role? They're both much too good to be coming off the bench, so I imagine that's what will happen. But at only 6'6, Pierce might not match up with some of the leagues bigger forwards, so it will be interesting.

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    4 years ago

    As disgusted i'm with Ainge for doing what he did, i'm a touch happy on the interior because of the fact he did something sturdy for pierce and KG, he positioned them in a greater advantageous place to win. And enable's not forget those are 2 thoroughly distinctive, and uncomparable situations. "Danny Ainge isn't unswerving". happy? does not make LeBron any further unswerving...

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    first of all delonte west is useless to the celtics because he is really a shooting guard and doesn't even start 2nd there is no other franchise changing player in this draft other than oden and durant the celtics got a veteran like ray allen to move forward they already have a roster full of young talent if they would have drafted jeff green they would only be getting younger this is the best move ainge has done in his life if they would've gotten younger pierce would be gone because he demanded the celtics get another great veteran or he would be gone celtics keep big al pierce and get a great player in ray allen i guarantee the celtics will be eastern conference champions.

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    Yeah, the Celtics' trading meetings spend most of their time talking about how much they hate people who like Chinese food, and what deals could make you the most exasperated. They do this, of course, while fighting over the last spicy wonton at Mary Chung's dim sum...

    I'm sorry, Mr. Chinese food. I came to Boston at the start of the Bird years, and my blood flows green, so to say. Since the untimely deaths of Bias and Lewis, our team has seemed as cursed as the Red Sox were. It could be another forty years before we see glory days return to the franchise. Don't spend that time taking it so personally (unless you're the twit who gave Bias all the 'blow' at that party, that is -- in which case ALL of Boston hates you...)

    PS: What happened to you, Abe7? Did you bet someone the Celtics would win it all again by 2006, or you'd go all year without using a punctuation mark? Commas and periods, dude -- they're your friends!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree with you. Hell, we got robbed too. We trade Wright to Golden State for Richardson, why would the Bobcats need J-Rich? Watching this draft leads me to believe anybody can be a GM, no college degree required. I'm serious, i actually believe regular everyday people can do a better jobs than some of these bigwigs in the NBA. Most of us just don't have millions, that's the only difference. But a BIG one.

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    it was a good trade for Seattle... i know you asked about Boston, but i can tell you this, Seattle got the better end... younger players and a talent laden front court... if Rashard stays, he gets to be the leader and if he plays two, a good backcourt too... but Boston, can't say its bad, i mean it could work out great, but it all depends on chemistry... look at new york... its not exactly a bad trade, but it could turn ugly, ugly as what happened to the knicks...

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    Danny Ainge hates everyone in new england.

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    No, he doesn't even know you.

    Two Green's for the Celtics is a no-no. :P

    Seattle got a good deal. Boston is just getting worst.

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    I think he hates me to living in boston i almost threw my Tv out and use the money for my celtics tickets for Sonic tickets

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