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I have a 1992 Eagle Talon 2.0 DOHC and its not starting right now and im not sure why? Any help is wanted!!!!!

ok i just changed the head gasket myself and it was running before but not to well and now it wont start. i have checked the timing and it was ok so i went on to compression and the numbers came up 160 150 145 50 and the 50 is low and not good but it should still start anyway. it is getting fuel and a spark so i really have no idea what could be the problem. it will crank and will stay cranking but wont ever start. anyone that can help me i will definitally use they're advise and it may go far so please HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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    Having one cylinder showing 50 is not good. I would not worry about the no start condition right now and I would pull the head back off the engine. I would visually inspect the piston and the head again and make sure there is no damage to either one. once you get it back together double check everything. triple check it if you have you. There are a number of sensors that need to be working and active to allow this motor to run. If any one of them are damaged, misaligned or missing the car will not start. You also need to make sure your getting fuel as well as spark. if your getting one but not the other this should tell you want system to start looking in. The spark is very dependent on the cam position sensor and the crank position sensor. If y our even 1 tooth off on the timing belt the car will not work.

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    take it to auto zone,they will hook up the scan tool and check for codes,tell them that my ex husband sent you and they may even fix it for free,or you can buy a haynes manual for $20 and it will show you everything,don't forget to change your air and fuel filters too,good luck,hope this helps

    Source(s): my ex has been a certified autozone mecanic for 37 yrs
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