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Does anyone know a good skin care system? Anyone used philosophy?

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    Yes I use philosophy and it is really good!

    I use their Purity cleanser to wash my face morning and night. It leaves my skin really clean without it feeling dry

    Then I use When hope is not enough

    Finish it off with Hope in a Jar

    A couple of times a week, I use their microdermabrasion pads (there really easy to use, you just take the pad out of the jar and pass it over your skin

    And finally I also use their mask.

    I've been using it now for about a year, and my skin really does look great (if I do say so myself)

    I've tried everything from La Mer (but it was either continue using the product or pay my mortgage) to systems that you buy in the pharmacy (To be honest with Olay left my skin better than La Mer) Philosphy is the one skin care line I've actually seen make a difference.

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    I use this very good stuff from a company called Arbon and they sell many lotions and facial washes. I have a 5 step process that I use daily that includes a daily cleanser, facial mask, dialy rinser,

    daily moisturizer, and eye cream to prevent bags. They work wonders and get rid of and keep pimples and zits away.

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    I used the philosophy on a clear day system and it works pretty well for mild acne. But unfortunately, my acne got worse and OTC treatments weren't working any more so I got on prescription antibiotics and cream.

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    drink atleast 3 liters water

    never be under stresss

    apply herbal face pack 3 times a week

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    Try Arbonne! It's botanically based, pure, safe, and beneficial. You can get more info at:

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    I use St.Ives it's real good

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    Bioré is amazing!!!!!

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