How do people hack into steam accounts?

I recently got my steam account hacked into, and went through alot of hassle to get it back. I gave my password and username to NO ONE. How in the world did they figure out my password? Is there a program out there that can hack into the account and steal the password? Did steam merely just reset my password? Can steam "friends" that you add onto your list during CS games be able to look into your account for passwords or anything? Is there someone snooping on my computer via internet connection? I checked for viruses and trojans and I have found none. I am paranoid as hell.

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    1 decade ago
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    It could be a couple things. It could of been a key-logger ( a program that is secretly installed without u knowing and recording down all keys that u pressed) that was attached to a file u downloaded. Or someone could have just walked by u well u were logging in and saw your user and password. If a key-logger is the reason then just clik here and download it. it gets rid of it right away.


  • 4 years ago

    lol that sucks yet whilst he offered 80$ worth of video games wouldn he choose em sent to his handle you won't be able of discover that out? An your very parnoid, besides in case you choose to income to combat hackers refer to somebody that is conscious approximately desktops they are able to tutor you. and learn the hacking structures to no longer hack yet to have a reasonably extra constructive concept of ways hackers think of.

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