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What words should I use to dispute incorrect reporting date, balance or credit limits on my credit report?

Should I aim to get it completely deleted by stating it's not mine? If not, how specific do I need to be with what is incorrect within a credit report listing?

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    The wording doesn't really matter, just state the reason.

    "This debt has an incorrect reporting date..."

    "This debt has an incorrect balance..."

    "This is not my debt..."

    If you have any proof, submit it.

    If you file too many disputes on one report, the credit bureau may consider it a frivilous report and treat it as such. But if you submit it with evidence proving the are truely errors, they must investigate it.

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    You don't need any special words. Contact the credit bureaus (you can find out each one's contact info online).

    If it's not yours, then prove it and it will be removed.

    If it is yours, and info is wrong, then all you can do is get the wrong parts corrected.

    Reporting date is by credit vendor, and differs from one to the other - but it will be the same time each month for any one.

    You can get balances and payments corrected - but remember that there is a 30 day lag in the reports - your balance shown this month is the statement ending balance from last month. Everyone knows this, and it's not a "correctable" item.

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