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Serious Answer Needed: After A Trip To The ER?

Hello! I suffer from a neurological problem (yet to be diagnose)... I suffer from neuropathy (aka nerve pain all over my body), numbness, tingling sensations, headache on/off, dizziness on/off, blurred vision on/off, carpal tunnel, lower back problem, problem concentrating, and weakness on my entire left side... Last week, the weakness became worse, so I went to the Emergency Department (ER) at the hospital I have my neurologist... After blood drawn, CT-Scan, and MRI done... They said, nothing as changed... Mine I have a doctor appointment in September 2007.

My question is this: Since my appointment is in September, how come my neurologist wants to see me in July, instead of September, could he have seen some in those tests that ER couldn't tell me?

Please I don't need wise crack jokes or nonesense stuff put up. I will personally rate you either up or down!


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    From my experience the ER is only going to take care of things they see as emergency at the time and usually refer you back to a doctor. If everything you were talking about reflected the neurologic problem then they probably sent the info to your neuro. I'd say he is just doing follow-up but I'd take advantage of having the appointment moved up to try to press for answers. I'd suggest getting a copy of the radiologist reports from the hospital before you go see the doctor. Sometimes they will write something down that the doctors don't even know so ignore. That's what happened to me, the radiologist recognized my back problem that was causing pretty much all the symptoms you mentioned and the neuro had never even heard of it. Until I did research on it and started discussing it with my doctors they didn't pay any attention.

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    Oh my goodness honey, I'm so sorry..I would be livid! I used to work at a daycare center, and we were very serious about any kind of injury. Every little scratch would be documented and would be told to the parent when the parent got off of work. However, bites are a serious matter. The daycare should have called you and told you about the incident and not lied to you about it. God forbid, but what if the bit would have gotten infected..they shouldn't have just casually dismissed it as something minor. As far as suing the daycare, I'm not too sure..I know I would try. What I do know is that some lawyers will give you a free can look it up on the internet to see which ones do this..and they can tell you for sure whether you have a case or not. Hope your little one feels better soon!

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    Upon receiving the report that you were so distressed and ill that you went to the ER, your Neurologist could have felt it prudent to see you sooner than September, out of concern for your health and well-being. There is also the possibillity you mention of a change showing up that the ER Doctor felt would be better addressed by your personal Physician. It is good that you now have an earlier appointment since your symptoms are worse and you have numerous problems. Good Luck.

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    Your saying you have two appointments with two doctors and one wants to see you sooner? there's nothing wrong with this.

    Mine do this all the time, one is a surgeon, one a neurologist and one my primary. You have to be careful to relate to them what drugs your on so they can keep track of your prescriptions and don't mix them.

    I'm sure if the one wants to see you sooner, he may have a closed schedule or some other business that he has to accommodate you differently.

    We sometimes forget, doctors have families too, they have personal business they have to care to. Mine goes overseas to see his ailing mother all the time, sometimes in an emergency, I have to allow for it or, find another doctor just as good.

    Be patient. You don't have to rate me one way or the other, I only want to help you. thank you.

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    I to am not sure what your asking but i think your your docter changed the appointment ahead a couple monthes ahead and you believe its because he has seen something the ER docters didn't.

    Well i hopefully am not going to come of mean here. But If it was something bad. Lifetreatining even, your docter and the ER would HAVE to tell you thats what it is, as soon as he/she/they know. If these words still don't bring any comfort i would call your docter and ask them. Make sure you talk directly to your docter.

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    man i wouldn't worry to much .i just left the er 2 hours ago 3 day migraine 2 Demerol shots and a crap load of other stuff . i have a lot of your symptoms and i have taken all the test you have talked about and alot more , i have fibromyagila , ra,high bp, chronic migraines and the list goes on and on .so just take it one day at a time and don't worry yourself to death if you are worried give your Dr a call if he doesn't have time to answer your questions fare his *** and find another

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    ER's will not diagose anything ever too much of a liability. since you wernt to the er they did the test and sent the findings to your dr. think of the early apt as a blessing now maybe you can get the help you need.... good luck! >^_^<

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    I am sorry. but it does not make sense. you need to explain it in another way. thanks.

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