Why do I have a problem attracting black women? Or getting them to notice me?

I thought I would ask here because I have known a few women I would really like to get to know better. I have talked to them a few times and have alot in common but cant seem to get anything other than a friend vibe. I asked one of these women out for a date once and she laughed and said "you white boys are stiff, someone needs to put you on point" I don't know what that meant. Since I was unsure if it was an insult I did not ask. I have never seen a black woman date a white man, is there some issue I don't know about, or are most not attracted to white guys?

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    1 decade ago
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    I LOVE white men, but I only know about three other black women that feel the way I do. There are more though, but you just have to look for them. I don't know what that girl meant by what she said, but just keep trying to pursue us, and believe me, you'll find one of us. And by the way, I only date men outside my race. :D

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    Try www.afroromance.com!!!! I love this website...It's full of singles who prefer to date out of their race!

    Black women do date white men, you just see it more or less in certain areas. I live in the deep south, and I see more and more black women with white men.

    One problem you may encounter is that *some* black women have been taught that-

    White men are oppressors

    Only want sex

    Can never understand a black woman

    Will not marry her

    She has to date someone who looks like her dad (ie black, not white)

    Will not introduce her to family and friends

    Won't take her out in public

    Have small penises (ok just being real here!!!)

    Even if a black women were attracted to a white men it's very taboo and could easily earn her the title of "sell out" or "race traitor." Heck, you can find that on this website!!!

    As someone who has been dating whtie men exclusively, I know those ^^^ are exaggerations or down right false.

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    I am black and have dated white men before. I don't think it is as common as black men dating white women, but I am starting to see more black women dating white men. Try asking someone else out for a date, that one women doesn't represent all black women.

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    I think that's only the black females you have tried to ask. I am black and I have dated a white guy before....everyone is has thier own opinions...so just because one women said something doesn't make it true. Maybe you should find other women to talk to that are black...you have just been picking the wrong women. Talk to us the same way you would a white women...oh and have confidence in yourself...in time you will have your girl...It takes time.

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    You may simply be approaching the wrong women. I dont know exactly what she said either but I doubt it's an insult. it may be she's not into interracial dating.

    There's probably a lot of social and gender theories we could get into, but it would boil down to the type of woman you're asking out and not exactly their pigmentation. Keep trying, but don't necessarily try the same women over and over again,

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    Heres a flash, i am a black girl who has dated 2 white guys.

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    I am black (African) you should forget those other girls why don't you marry me ? =)

    But serious, I think you approached the wrong black women. Some black women are soo loyal to their men, because some think that they should find the perfect BLACK men. More and more black women are open to interracial dating these days, so don't worry you will find you black princess some day.

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    1 decade ago

    what city do you live in? you just haven't met one with your personality. go to a city where there is a lot more diversity and you will meet different black women who like "stiff white boys". (maybe DC, Chicago, etc)

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    You should contact her.



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    She meant white boys are boring and someone needs to put you up to par .. ready to preform at your best .. Ontop of things .. to control the situation.

    Show her white guys can control situations!

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