Help!! MAJOR girl problem!! =[ Time of the month.......pleas please please help!?

I've been so excited to go the beach for the past 6 months!! My best friend and I were planning to go to Ocean City, MD with her family at her beach house along with her super cute best guy friend. I'm finally leaving on Monday night. What's the problem, you ask? WELL! First off, I haven't had my period for four months! I got my first period last December and didn't get it again for the second time until 3 months later. Anyways, today my body was acting I had alot of gas (yes, it is embarrasing), feel super bloated towards the end of the day, and my lower stomach started hurting. Am I getting my period!?!? And if I am, what am I supposed to do?? I'm super scared of tampons (my mom hasn't even done tried tampons yet)....but I really don't want to miss out on getting in the water.



I'm only 13 so I don't want to use a tampon.

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    jeeze girl tampons are a godsent.

    honestly you will like em,

    took me a bit of time mind you.

    and I'd take a few tums and relax you might have eaten something sketchy to your body.

    let your mom know too.

    And get a full nights sleep,

    and to quicken the process drink a lot of water ( I prefer bottled) it will clean out your system, and get rid of that embarassing gas.

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    Ok, it sounds like it's your period but it could just be gas. Tampons are very scary if you've never used one, this I know, but once you've used one once the next time is less and less scary. Since you seem kind of young I don't suggest you wear one all the time but if you don't want your beach vacation ruined, use one when you know you will be swimming. Do not buy the ones with the cardboard applicators, I think they are extremely uncomfortable, look for the ones with a plastic applicator and rounded tip. Also, I don't know if they make these anymore but tampons come in sizes regular, super, and super plus but back when I was younger they made one size under regular called juniors. They were smaller and more comfortable to wear when I got my first period, try looking for those. If you can't find them, don't go any size higher than regular. Tampons have come a long way comfort wise since my first period and I'm only 21. I hope it's not your period but if it is, it will be ok, tampons are not that bad...something to get use to but not that bad. Good Luck!

    Source(s): I just wanted to comment about one of the comments left by garcias girl, you have just gotten your period and typically they are irregular the first year or so. If by, say, year three it's still very irregular, then go to your doctor. I just thought it was tacky and thoughtless to make you worry about something that needn't be worried about at all.
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    I completely agree with the person that left the long answer. Ur going to have to use tampons because theres no other way to get around ur period. It is normal for young girls first beginning their periods to be very irregular.

    When using tampons make sure you dont leave them in longer than eight hours

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    Relax already & just use a tampon. You have nothing to worry about. As far as your period being so irregular you definitely need to see a gynocologist. That can be a sign of so many different things from a hormone imbalance, stress, infection, cancer, or some kind of tumor. When you go they can show you how to properly use a tampon.

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    it sounds like you are getting your period, so bring pads and tampons along with you, you might as well get used to them, they are so much less of a hassle than pads. And as for using them, just see if your mom could schedule an appt for you at the gynecologist . or maybe a family member could help you out if you are pressed for time

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    really, try tampons, they're a life saver. if you're a virgin try the O.B. tampons. they're very small, or the tampax peal is really easy to insert. & about you not having your period for 4 months, you might have a VERY heavy period. this has happened to me before, & i passed out twice & was incredibly pale. gatorade is wonderful. i hope things work out.

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    you coudl be getting it. that woudl be bad. i'm 21 and hvae never been able to successfully use a tampon. i actually hurt mysefl tyrign to use one. ouch

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    tampons = the best!! i swear!

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