please help!! driver ed related?

Select one of the following actions that you might do if you were in these situations:

Your choices are:

a) change lanes

b) stop before the STOP line

c) Slow down. If clear, proceed with caution.

d) stop before crosswalk

e) maintain position

f) allow driver who stopped first to go first

g) continue in intended path of travel

h) stop. proceed when clear

1) You are approaching an intersection that has a YIELD sign.

2) A large X with an R on each side is painted on the roadway.

3) Late at night you approach a signal light. Your light is flashing red. Yours is the only vehicle around.

4) Traveling on a rural highway at night, you drive over two sets of rumble strips in your lane.

5) You are in a large and unfamiliar city. You see a broken white line on your left and a solid yellow line on your right.

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    1. c

    2. c

    3. h

    4. you fell asleep and are on the shoulder (a)

    5. g, e or a not really enough info

  • Fl1959
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    1 decade ago

    where are driving? ( country) Here are my answers from USA.

    1 c 2 c 3 h 4 b 5 e( This was tough. in america your going the wrong way.

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