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I'm having TRIPLETS, and I need names, but I now know the genders! SO names please?

I posted before that I was having triplets, but I didn't know the genders. I didn't want to know what my babies were at the hospital, but my husband did, so he found out. Then after hearing all the cute names, and knowing he knew, i just had to KNOW!!

I'm having TWO BOYS and ONE GIRL!!!!!! I'm sooooooooo excited, but sooooo nervous!

Now, since I know, I like Merrick, Haven and Blaire.

Do these names sound OK together?

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    Your choices are great.

    it's your kids anyway so do whatever you like.

    but make sure you pick a good name because they'll have to stick with this name forever!

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    I think they're all fine names, they sound very nice together. But I, personally, would use Blair for a boy name, though it's fine for a girl too. I wouldn't put an 'e' on the end of it because it might cause spelling confusion. Yes, they're all fine names and congratulations on having triplets, I hope I could have triplets someday ^_^

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    I like Merrick and Blaire but not Haven so much. How about Brody or Brady for one of the boys? Good luck and have fun!!


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    I love haven and I like Blaire alot too but im not so big on Merrick. I think merri would not be the best nickname fora boy, but ricky would be cute actually!

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    Michael, Mark, Marie

    Linus, Luke, Luna

    Gregory, John, Penelope

    Merrich, Haven, and Blaire look even better.

    Adrian Brad Denise

    Parris Ty and Jach (jack)

    Congrats and good luck!

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    I personally don't like them because as they get older then I don't think the names will suit them...

    Here are some...{it goes boy boy girl}

    Ashton, Bailey, Claire

    Hunter, Jackson, Madelyn

    Keegan, Cade, Adelaide

    Adam, Aaron, Piper

    Carney, Harrison, Amanda

    Jayden, Harley, Jenae

    Hayden, Benjamen, Serena

    Tate, Brent, Brooklyn

    Makay, Darwin, Sydney

    Bradley, Landon, Jemma

    Tyson, Daniel, Britnee

    Jasper, Taiven, Kellie

    Ash, Burr, Summer

    Jasper, Jet, Amber

    Good luck

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    im not too fond of Haven or Blaire but I do kind of like Merrick. Theyre your babies however so you dont have to pay any attention to me! here are some other suggestions in case you change your mind. my hubby and i have changed ours so many times lol... congrats though and good luck!!

    BOY: Brennan, Braden, Blake, Colton, Dakota, Devlin, Dominick, Niko, Nolen, Riley, Tristan, Xavier

    GIRL: Beth, Bethany, Bianca, Brianna, Brielle, Briseis, Brooke, Harley, Keiko, Larissa, Myra, Maleah, Nora, Reagan, Riley, Trinity, Willow, Zoey

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    First CONGRULATIONS!!!!!!!! :-)

    Secondly, these are your children so you of course can name them whatever you like.

    I don't like Merrick or Haven... Blaire is ok, but I wouldn't use it.

    What about:

    * Tamela, Timothy, Thomas?

    * Danielle, Daniel, Dennis?

    * Breanna, Brent, Brandon?

    * Jenna, Justin, Jared?

    Or if you don't want to name them all with the same letter try mixing them up

    * Tamela, Daniel, Brandon

    * Jenna, Brent, Timothy


    Hope this helps!

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    Haven and Blaire are nice. I don't really like Merrick that much though - it reminds me too much of John Merrick (The Elephant Man)... Jerrick or Jericho could be good alternatives. :-)

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    I'm sorry. I don't like any of them. I don't know if Blair is a boy name or a girl name in your case....

    Instead of Merrick, try Maverick.

    Instead of Blair, try Bradley/Bianca.

    Instead of Haven, try Hannah/Harrison.

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    Wow, how exciting!

    If I were having 2 boys and a girl, I'd named them Aiden, Levi and Chloe. As for the names you've picked, I think they're great.

    You're the one who's going to be yelling 3 consecutive names out for many years to come so you want them to flow nicely together. I'd say stick to 2 syllables or under for each one!

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