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girl question?

i'm due for my period and i'm always late no matter what. i got about 32-35 days instead of 28 days. but this time, and this never happened before when i use the bathroom and wipe i only get blood sometimes and nothing is showing up on my pad. is this something i should be worried about?


also i have cramps like you wouldn't believe.

Update 2:

also i am so like i can cry anytime mood. my boyfriend like doesn't know what to say to me cause i just keep crying. also i'm agressive i played a tennis match and i never played like that before.

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    are you using good birth control>

    you dont have a tampon in still do you?

    believe it or not..I know of someone that happened to...she got very very ill with toxic shock because of it also....

    it could just be the beginning of your period, it could be a very light, but if your normal cycle time..which for you is not late..just your personal cycle of 32 here and gone....I woud get it checked there any chance the blood is in your urine or your feces?

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    No, you shouldn't be worried. It's probably nothing serious. I'd wait and see if it happens again and if it happens next month then maybe go see your doctor. This happens to me all the time, and for me it is just a hormonal imbalance. The website that I'm referencing also lists the following possible causes. Good luck to you.


    Hormonal fluctuations

    Beginning or stopping oral contraceptives or estrogens

    Low thyroid levels


    IUDs occasionally cause slight spotting

    Injury to the vagina from insertion of objects, from malignant cancers, or from vaginal infections

    Certain drugs such as anticoagulants

    Vaginal dryness

    GYN procedures such as CONE biopsy or cervical cauterization

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    That is called spotting, when you bleed very very little. YOu should wait the full week that you are supposed to have your period and then get a pregnency test because that is a sign of bieng pregnent (spotting instead of normal period). If you are not sexually active then think about if you have had any behavioral or lifestyle changes such as changes in sleep patterns, changes in eating behaviors, or stress levels. If you are overstressed, or your body is not in its usual state it may effect your menstration. However, do not leave it to chance if you are sexually active get a pregnency test, its better to be safe than sorry and in that case its best to know as early as possible. You can see a gynocologist about getting on a birth control pill to regulate your period so that you do not have to worry in the future about inconsistencies. I suggest ortho tri-cyclin lo it has the least side affects and is user friendly. Their web site is very informative.

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    No, I wouldn't worry. Could be that it came from your rectum if you pushed hard or something. Just be aware of what's going on and get it checked if you feel uneasy about what's happening.

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    I'd say no but if you are worried call your doctor's office, they'll have nurses on call who can answer this question over the phone or tell you to come in.

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    i dont think anythings wrong. maybe you were just light on that day? i heard the first three years your periods always retarded and doesnt usually fall on the same day every month. so if you just started yours maybe thats why. =] that happens to me sometimes.

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    no, this is personal, but if your labia major is covering your vagina then that might be why you don't have any blood on your pad, especially if you have a light (or lighter) flow.

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    you are just having a lighter flow than usual its nothing to worry about

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    First of all, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

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