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I just typed the longest ******* letter to you all . I was trying to say that I know the last thing anybody wants to here is someone else crying in their beer.I do my best to make my life simple I try not to take on too much because I am an addict.I sit here all day and answer question from people that probably dont want to here from me anyway.I listen to my husband so much all day about all the details of every car that he has worked on .I have even tried to answer some of yall questions about cars through him.But there comes a time and point that you cant please any one so this is it yallI dont have nothing I mean nothing to live for .I cant even find a friend here that is too afraid to trust some one. I cant even figure this stupid little question sight out. Never mind it doesnt matter anyway.I am just depressed yall and could use some good advice!

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    1 decade ago
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    Depression is very simple to handle. Forget about answering questions and selecting best answers for a second. Why don't you edit your post to tell us all about yourself, why you feel depressed, what you do daily, what your hobbies are?

    I'll try to get back to you and help you stop your depression by editing my post accordingly. But let me give you something to start with.

    I think the source of your depression, as is the case for many people, is lack of stimulation. Tell me this, did you recently try picking up an old hobby you once enjoyed, but found it to be very boring or depressing? You enjoy seeing your friends somewhat, but it's not that enjoyable? Do you spend an inordinate amount of time online and do you find that you've been snacking more than you used to?

    These are all common in depression associated with lack of social interaction and stimulation. Why don't you try joining a club or a church? go on a vacation and do something fun? Take up a sport, anything that gets you outside and lets you meet new people.

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    Hi Beej, well man can be boring if they are lost with topic. I know that depression is common now a days. but U need to see in the bright side. at least u are marriage and live a couplehood life. go for a show with him and shop with him. do what couple do ...

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