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Do you think i can make my high school basketball team?

im 15 years old. im 5'11 almost 6'0 and 145 pounds but i look slim. The guys at my school who think they can make the bball team think that i wont. well i think i can but there are going to be a lot of guys trying out and i really want to make it. from 12 guys being picked, i know atleast 7 people for sure will be picked because they are pretty good and went to camp. the 7 dudes include all positions.

i can shoot pretty good, rebound and block well when im playing post. i can also steal good and i pass decent. i can play every position. if i want to make the team do you think im fine the way i am or should i work on a specific part of my game?

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  • wingo
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    No. If you have to ask here, then you clearly have confidence issues. Get mean and aggressive out there, say GRRR a lot, and maybe next year, kid. Good luck.

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    If your top university crew is rather well and the avid gamers play yr circular membership basketball then you've gotten a tremendous moutain to climb. There is extra to basektball than dunking and capturing. Playing safeguard and being competent to paintings as a crew are important.

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    its not about appearance or performance, its about heart. If your decent in playing the game, then the rest is about being part of a team, never giving up and showing you'll work hard. Coaches like to see you giving your best in everything you do as an effort to win as a team.

  • Anonymous
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    usually in basketball they look for the quick and tall ones

    if your are good at dribbling then i think your good enough since your tall and good at rebounding you they will probably put you as a forward or center

    Good luck i think you'll make it

    and for those other guys dont be so sure that they make it just believe in yourself and show dedication

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go make the team!!!....and

    keep the bench seat warm the whole year

  • Anonymous
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