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How do I get rid of my blond streaks?

I've had them for a year and I want my natural hair color back (its light-brown)

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    You could try a temporary store-bought light brown color to see how you like it. That should tone down your blondes. If you don't like it, it'll wash out quickly. If you do, you can either purchase the permanent formula or spend the $$ to see a professional colorist.

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    Make a strong solution of Black Tea and pour it through your hair do not rinse out, this solution will only temporarily dye your hair or use Roux Fanciful temporary rinse out color. And if you really want to change your hair color just use a permanent color this is your only solution Good Luck !

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    Though I would probably ask this under the Hair and Beauty section, I'd check with a hair dresser, It's probably too complex do do alone.

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