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what is the start of everlasting, the end of time, the beginning of eternity?

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    The letter E as far as the letters go.

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    To my knowledge, no one can establish the "start of everlasting, the "end of time", or the "beginning of eternity".

    Many accept the Biblical account of the "beginning of time" and the "end of time"; but, the "start of everlasting" is not a concept proclaimed by the Bible. The "end of the world" is a Biblical prophecy, resulting in the "chosen" being reuinted in "heaven", living "happily ever after".

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    My understanding of it is that eternity has no beginning or end... beyond time and space.

    This is the fundamental point on which East and West differ. Western cultures seem to have the idea that eternal life has a starting point. East seems to already know that eternal has no starting point... it has always been there. This is the very reason the East seems to mysterious to the West and the West seems so mysterious to the East.

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    that is a very linear question to nonlinear concepts.

    there is no beginning or end to any of these concepts.

    all time, all eternity, all of the everlasting is contained in the now. They are concepts defined by our perceptions which only exist in the moment.

    Careful or these kinds of thoughts will blow you into an altered state of reality and perception.

    Good Luck

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    who says everlasting hasn't started? time is just something people created in order to put stucture into our lives. the end of our time may be the actual begining.

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    This was just posted recently, this should be in the riddle section.

    Source(s): It is pretty funny to see people respond in a philosophical kind of way though.
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    The letter "e".

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    the letter 'e' of course.

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    Thinking of that will make someone go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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