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How does one stop procrastinating?? When I need to do something, I put it off till the last minute... HELP!!!

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    I do it all the time. I think it's because I like the excitement and urgency of doing something at the last second when doing it earlier would be boring.

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    I put everything off to the last minute. For example paper work that need to be filled out for the insurance company. It comes in in the mail. I have three weeks to get it back. I am not doing anyhting. But I sit and stare at it and then throw it in the basket of mail. Then the day that it is due, late in the afternoon I am digging through the basket of mail trying to find it and fill it out and get it turned in on time. I have the money to pay my cable bill, but I wait till the last minute, untill they call me and tell me if you do not pay your bill we will disonect you. In college I waited to the last minute. The night before a 15 page report was due, I would start it and have it done, and get a Bt on it. The thrill of waiting, nothing is wrong with procrastinating.

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    Let me know when you find the answer, because although I'm the opposite of you, I have absolutely no idea how to change a procrastinator. My husband is like you. A lot of people who are considered brilliant, though, are procrastinators.... I hope you belong to these kinds of people.

    This is how I am: before I open my eyes in the morning, I remind myself of the things I need to do... and the moment I open my eyes, I'm half out of bed already.

    This is my husband: the alarm clock rings... he says to himself, " Ten more minutes."....- I tell him to wake up> he says: five more minutes... 15 minutes later he is still sleeping.

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    I have the same problem, and I tried a trick that cured me.

    I'm kinda distracted right now, I'll get back with you tomarrow or next week.

    I'll write it down on my calendar, oh crap I still haven't bought a calendar for this year. I'd write it on my notepad but I ran out of paper last week and I haven't got around to buying some more.

    That's OK I'll remember to call you back, oh no, I left my cell at the bowling alley. Son of a b*tch, I'm an hour late for the league -playoff's at the bowling alley tonight.

    Sorry, gotta run keep in touch...........

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    I do that too. What I do is I think about how important it is for a grade, etc. So sometimes I ask a family member to tell me to do it or ask them for help on my project. Or I write notes to myself that remind me what are good sites for the project, resume, etc. That way I at least think about trying the project. You won't know if the project is really easy or not unless you try it.

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    List list and more list. Make a list of everything you have to do, and then don't allow yourself to do anything relaxing, distracting, or fun until the items on the list are complete. You don't have to put everything on the list all at once, start slowly

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    There's not to much wrong with that I am the exact same way it can be aggravating at times I know.The only thing I can tell you is just push yourself and force yourself to get up and do it.I know thats not much of an answer but thats my two bits.Good luck!!!

    Source(s): I am a procrastinating fool. LOL!!!
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    Only one way- you have to force yourself to take care of todays "things" today. Don't let your self procrastinate.

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    just do it!

    "eat the frog"!

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    and what's wrong with that!

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