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For those Pred's fans?

Mason and Arnott bought 10 season tickets a piece. The team doesn't want to move. This is why I like the Predators so much. They care! Kariya likes Nashville but, because the team is for sale he is going to test the waters as a free agent. He said that if the team stays, he will play for the preds.

We still have a great team. Mason, Arnott, Sully, Fiddler, Hordi etc. I am not going to fret. Nashville isn't going any where if the players have anything to do with it.

Go Pred's!

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    NO doubt, I want them to stay!!! They have come a long way!

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    Yeah Kayria wants to Go back to Anaheim, the rest of the Guys will play Great Hockey again If they Stay the Predators Stay in Nashville if the Fans come they need an average 14,000 in Attendance a Night for the Predators to stay in Nashville.

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    If people in Nashville cared...

    Mason and Arnott wouldn't of had to buy 10 season tickets a piece...!!!

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    You forgot Legwand and Hall. They don't want to move because it's inconvenient. Not necessarily ties to the city of nashville which is not a hockey environment.

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    Hockey would be better off as soon as they understand America does not care. Carolina, Dallas, Nashville, Florida x2, Atlanta, Anaheim, LA, Phoenix all gone. Contract all the new American franchises installed in the past 15 years, put a team back in Winnipeg, Quebec, Hartford and new franchises in Moose Jaw and Yellow Knife and proceed from there.

    Stop shoving hockey down America's throat. They don't like it/can't understand it.

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    yeah maybe if the hicks in Nashville cared about their hockey team. and kariya shouldn't care about the team. he's going to free agency anyway, i totally agree that they have awesome talent, but let's face it, they would be much better off in Canada where the fans will appreciate them.

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    The Preds suck!!! it dont matter if they move or not they will still suck and the sharks will continue to own and dominate the preds dont matter where they play!! GO SHARKS!!

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