Messed up :(?

I was depressed when me mum died and I was so down I cheated on my partener for no reason!

Its a clusterjunk and I cant stand it now I have to tell and now I have to lose my partener after losing my mom!

I dont know whats happened!


No, you're right I know what I did was wrong there.

When I said I dont know what happened it meant that I cant believe I cheated and I just dont know why, its weird. I didn't ya know even like it so...but yeah, no I know just because me mum died I did not automatically get a free pass for cheating, I dont want to blame it on her and i'm sorry thats what it sounded like, I was depressed and I just dont know what happened there, it was messed up and I know I will lose my partener over it also because I have to tell I just dont know how I can cope with two major loses in my life in such a short gap of time, I screwed up and I hate what I did and now it just seems as though, i dont know it makes me even more depressed, it just stinks.

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    you need to be honest and open, tell your partner what happened and then beg for forgiveness.

    it may not work but facing your mistakes builds character. maybe you will be a better person for your next partner


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    I'm so sorry your mum died. Maybe you cheated on your partner because you were depressed and a little self destructive at the time and that's why you cheated? I have to say if I was your partner I'd stay with you and forgive you but the condition would be to get therapy for your sadness and relationship. Since I'm not your partner then I think you have to weigh up your options. If your partner won't forgive you then do you think you should tell him/her? Instead, go to a counsellor maybe and help yourself so if you are ever in a similar hurtful situation (like your mother dying) you can handle it and not do something silly like cheat on your partner. If you think you partner will be forgiving, then it's up to you to tell them. I'm not 100% sure what you should do because I don't know you but whatever you decide, be kind to yourself ok! ;) Take it easy!

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    I have to agree with goldwing. Telling him will not bring anything but more heart ache to both of you. I do think you should maybe talk with a professional to help you work out your problems you are having with cheating and the passing of your mother.

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    Whats happned dah-ling - is you made a super poor choice. Don't blame you mum for it. Take responsibility for it.

    Yes, you have to tell - it's important that you are honest. If you explain with total honesty maybe your partner won't dump you. Trying to skate away with "i don't know what happned" is BS.

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  • Tegarast & Goldwing gave 2 completely different answers, yet they both seem to have a point.

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    1 decade ago

    under no circumstances tell your partner! All you will be doing is dumping your conscience onto him....this is adding insult to injury...stop now, don't say a were the one who stepped out, pray that no one will ever know and leave it like that. Your telling him can serve NO useful purpose, will hurt him deeply...not very nice of you. Good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    Guilt will eat you up.

    And when your partner finds out, hell has no fury.

    Trust me, I found out about my cheating partner.

    It broke my heart but readily forgave him.

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    1 decade ago

    i think you r like me. i was so depressed i went into a crappy relationship. tell your sig other and they will forgive you and get int osome counseling and tell them so.

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