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what is the point of dreams?

do they really mean anything?

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    It's just your subconscious sorting through the previous day's emotions and observations.

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    while not every dream is a massage, I agree, that your dreams are one of the best ways your guides can interact with you and send you messages.

    Just like watching a child play in the street, you might be able to predict that the traffic could pose a hazard to that kids health. In the same way your spirit guides are watching out for you 24-7. You can down load a dream in seconds that is sort of a play about what your are doing in the moment vibrationally to affection your life.

    While there are many books about dream symbols you can read, (Sylvia brown wrote a very interesting book on dreams) if you can keep track of the feelings you are having when you dream, you can alter future outcomes.

    Example: You have a dream that you are loosing your wallet, or find you can't pay for things you want and wake up upset and feeling broke, .

    Regardless of what your real financial situation is, your dream is showing you that you are carrying in the day time a thought about money and you don't have enough of it. If you keep that up, you could actually create a real or continued shortage of money in your life. So if you could imagine that your thoughts create your life, and your dreams are a reflection of those thoughts, than you have the power to change a thought and feeling about someting, and eventually with some practice change the outcome of future events.

    But don't take my word for it. Try it for 30 days and see what happens,.

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    You would be surprised on what some dreams mean. I read a book on interpeting dreams and such, and the whole point of dreaming is a wide range of warning you of an event, or reminding you of a very important test that you have and other things like that. You just have to know what to look for and how to interpret it.

    Source(s): "Dream Power for Teens" by: Rob MacGregor
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    Your dreams are messages about you and your life, in code. Your dreams reveal how you picture the world and how you envisage your place in it.

    The weirdness of a dream is only in its wrapping, its language. Once you have cracked the code, the meaning of your dream is revealed.

    Source(s): Teresa
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    dreams really give you the answer for ,your innerself they define your everyday life ,small things ,things you saw that you didnt think mattered but in your real world it does .Dreams gives you feedback in the long run for something you really need help with. ( you make think about something one day and your dream will automatcally come in to play because this is the answer you've been waiting for

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    Yes, they are your subconscious thoughts and wishes

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