boy trouble?

a boy just asked me out a couple weeks ago and i really don't like him and don't want to break his heart

how do i tell him i don't him


also how do say that i don't like him

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    Well if u go out with him knowing you don't have feelings for him it will be arkward. I say the best way is the direct way. Tell him that even though you don't want to go out with him, you guys can still be friends. In the end in order to find the right guy/girl you need to get your heart broken.

    However there is another way, if you don't like him because of his looks give him a chance. Who knows maybe you'll end up having feelings for him. But if you don't like him just cause there isn't any feeling there, then let him down gently. Don't lie an say your interested in some one else, just say that he isn't what your looking for right now.

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    Unfortunately, that's part of the dating game - the onus is still on the guy to make the move. That's why its hard for some to even try.

    I take it from the "break his heart" comment that you feel he is the sensitive type. I agree with the ones who replied that you will have to break his heart sooner than later. I guess what's hard about that is the feeling of guilt you get, right? If that's the case, don't feel guilty - I was led by a girl for many years and it took me a LONG time to get over her. I would've preferred that she told me sooner that there was no chance and ended it then instead of being in my life for as long as she was. Trust the long run, its better for him to hear it from you now.

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    Well you are in the same boat I was in about 5 hours ago and I jsut flat out said well I just don't think it's gonna work out I'd rather stay friends and he seemed okay w/ it but if it does break his heart then there is nothing youcan really do just explain it to him Hope this helps

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    Fact from fiction, truth from diction. I take it you know of him, and he you. But you are not friends. If you REALLY want to get out of it without breaking his heart. The sure fire, no miss way, start planning big and making demands. Impossible ones he can't keep. tell him he has to cut his hair like this or that. You want to go to one of the most expensive restaurants in a city 20 miles away, Micky Ds is not going to cut it. Has to be fine dining. Start thinking aloud about fancy shoes. Say half to yourself "I can wear Prada there" Then ask him "you want to see me in Prada don't you? And where are you going to send me to get my hair done. After hunting him down 3 straight days with your "ideals" he will be searching for a way out of that date like a wolf cornered in the hen house. That date will turn into nothing but red ink to him and he will RUN.

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    Better learn how to deal with it cuz theres gonna be a lot of them happening in the future! Unless you lost your limbs.. or got burned. Just joshing.

    Just tell him you're not interested and make it super clear to him. Nobody really gets over the crushes. So be mean if you have to.

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    Just tell him straight out, "I am not interested in dating you." You can go on to explain, if he wants you to, that you don't mind being friends at school, but other than that you don't want anything else. It is honest and in the long run less painful for him. If you say that you don't want to ruin a friendship, he will have a hope of maybe ya'll can hang out as "friends" and maybe you will change your mind. If you want to go out and do things with him that is up to you, but if not, I would just make it known right away. Don't make excuses, just tell him. "I am not interested in dating you."

    If he asks you to go hang out as friends, and you don't want to, just say, "No Thank You." If he asks why, tell him, "Because I don't want to. But thank you for asking." Don't belittle him, and don't talk about him at school. Just cut off his fantasies as soon as possible.

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    Just tell him that you think hes a good guy, but you don't like him as more than a friend. Be kind about it and just tell him straightforward how you feel. Unless you are totally uninterested in being friends with this guy, it should work.

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    no matter how hard it seems to tell him the truth, it's still better if u do it now... cause the deeper u swim, the higher the risk to drown...

    but of coure think of a very elegant way to say "sorry but you're not my style", "Sorry, but am in love with someone else", " sorry, i'd like to stay single for now"...

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    honney im sorry but you have to break his hear soon!! it would be just terrible to let him think yo like him and continue to go out with him! if you really wanna get your self outta this pickle than you have to find a way to tick him off and make him break up w/ you. jus tdont act like your self?? idk but do it soon!! i did that to a guy and he told me that if i had told him sooner his heart wouldn't have been crushed, it would have just been slightly broken, which time and another girl can heal. whatever you do, dont lead him on!! its the worst thing that you can possibly do!

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    The best way to do this is just tell his you dont like him like that. You will hurt him even more if you hold off.

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