Need some names for my manga comic?

Its about 2 highschoolers who are best friend ones a girl ones a boy they were born almost the same day and learn later that they have celestial :)))


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    well since you put the "they were born almost the same day" they can have different personalities even if they are best friends sometimes they dissagre on simple stuffs, for example one of then was born before midnight and the other after midnight. So the names can came out from there like for example the tittle can be "Dark Morning and Shinny Night" or maybe they have a past together so it can " Awaken Dreams" or something like "Hidden Memories" or something like "Pepper-mint" together are sweet and fresh but apart their personalities change (the was cheesy but anyway ^-^) or also where and when they meet like for example " Frosen Feathers" or how they active their powers "Count Down To Midnight" also when you say "celestial powers" is something divine as an angels or superheroes or both together, anyway another idea since is manga style any kind of title translate in Japanese sounds very cool, I hope the can be usefull

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    wow that the person above me was so mean calling u an american wishing to be japenese. sheesh what a jerk. anyway if they are gonna get together how about "Celestial Love" put more details up and i'll edit my answer

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    with so little to go on I would start with somthing like "growing up ===== ", or like "super teens" or somthing based on their powers ...i created a story based on 4 squirrels who have super powers so i made up a long name

    the Mutant,demon,cyber,ninja, squrrels...or MDCNS for short... but this is a working title ...

    just think about what they will be when their older and go from there.

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    what are some other details? like what do they have in commen (eye's, hair, etc.) or you could name is Some thing to do with the day they found their powers or something about their powers.

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    try in japanese like korichia and noimanta

    or you can try kisame and susama

    but if english try den and anne

    but i think its to childish uhmmmm try herald and mistika

    just name them its to simple..its only an advice from a manga character maker

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    How about: "An American wishing to be Japanese?" LOL. And wth at manga comic? Do you eve know Japanese? Manga is Japanese for comic. So you're asking for a name for your comic comic? lol; please don't go to Japan.

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    T N T

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    love and war

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    1 decade ago

    maybe something like:

    Minami (minami=south)[girl?]



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