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does anyone know how to get the silph scope on pokemon yellow?

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    you have to go to the game corner in Celadon City...theres a rocket guy guarding a poster...fight him the hit A on the poster...

    itll hit a switch and then a door will open to the right of you...jsut go in and navigate your way through the end, you'll fight Giovanni and when you beat him, he'll give you the silph scope.

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    Head to the Game Corner NOT silph co.. You will find a Team Rocket member acting suspicious. Talk to him, and beat him in battle. When he disappears press the switch that he was guarding and you will enter Team Rocket's secret base. You need to find a lift key in order to reach the boss of Team Rocket. It is on the fourth basement. Go down and defeat the boss to receive the Silph Scope.

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    . hey its yellow in GB color isn't it? game corner basement you fight the team rocket grunt

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