I need free money for college where do I look?

Scholarships and grant information very helpful. I'm trying to stay away from loans. Thank-you

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    there are a few FREE colleges if u really want to spend zero money. you will need to search for them, (one college that i know is free is Coopers Union in ny. and aren't military colleges free too??)but whats sure is that they are VERY hard to get in.

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    A good source would be fastweb.com. It's really easy and helpful. You create a profile and then they present you with a number of scholarships that apply to you specifically (i.e. for being male, female, being a high school junior..etc.). And if you are heading into your senior year apply for the Gates Millenium scholarship around october (i dnt know the website but im sure you can google it). The Gates scholarship basically pays for everything!

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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    I think that www.fastweb.com is one of your best bets. Be ready to write essays about anything and everything! Make sure that you complete your FAFSA, but honestly, be prepared to have to take out loans.

    It's virtually impossible not to take out loans anymore. I just graduated last year, and I'll tell you the Bush administration has pretty much abolished the PELL grant program. I received the full PELL grant my first 2 years of school, and did not even qualify for it for my last two years of school.

    While in school, look into working for Americorp programs. Americorp programs pay you, and also will give you around $4700 for a year of work to go towards your education. Also, see if you qualify for work-study in school. It's usually pretty easy money. Good luck!

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    Go to a guidance counselor or financial advisor at a college and inquire. I don't know much about scholarships, but you may qualify for a Pell Grant. There are any number of circumstances that will qualify you. Good luck.

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    Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) deals in loans and grants for college students; check them out at:


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    Check out the following site for scholarships available:

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