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Whats a good nick-name for me??? (make it 1 word plz!)?

1.) I play basketball, volleyball, and do track

2.) I am a dirty blonde

3.) Im a cutie


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    Well after working or over 31 yrs in the automobile assembly lines and 2 different componant plants and a warehouse where nicknames were rampant and ya could get one anywhere along "Lifes' Highway" I found out that no one gives themselves a nickname,it's the people around ya that "GIVE YOU A NICKNAME!!! Sometimes it's a good one and sometimes ya get "hung" with a not so good one. I worked with guys nick named "Whitey" cause they had blonde hair."Red" for the same reason, "Baldy cause they didn't have hair and "Bawldy " cause all they did bawl and cry about everything. "Possom' caused he looked a little like one and he definately smelled like one!T-Bone ,he raced figure 8 races and wasT-Boned in the X part of the track more thn anyone else. "Wino" who drank cheap wine and stayed drunk most of the time . So one day he went to relieve himself in a garbage can and the Foreman walked up and said "Put that Blue lookin' D---- back in your pants!! Well the guys heard "The Boss' and busted out laughing at him and and from that day on back in 1959 they "hung the nickname "on him and he was still being called that till he passed away 2000. He told me that he hated that nickname and the day they "hung it on him", of course one good thing came of it cause that was the day he stopped "drinking" . So I guess the "Moral of the story is "Be careful of what you wish for as it may not be what ya really want"!

    Source(s): Just remember your birth name was given to you and your "nickname" is also "given to you"! Might be good or might not be so good.
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    im not good @ this lol

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    i know i know......too spice girls

    thats what i came up with though : )


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