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Am I psychotic?

I keep complaining and whining about not having any friend (which I don't), but when an acquaintance from college or work tries getting to know me personally, I shut them off.

What's wrong with me?

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    Definitely sounds like social anxiety...

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    you might have social anxiety, I get it. I used to work at the same place for 3 years and still to get from the jitchen to my office I went outside and round the building just so I didnt have to see anyone - and they were all nice people who I liked! Im working on it but its got way better, I read a few communication books and have tried throwing myself in at the deep end even tho its scary as its just a matter of making a few adjustments and getting used to new situations. a few drinks help - but you cant rely on that everytime! You aint alone, people scare the $hit out of me!

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    Honestly, there's nothing wrong with you. since your mind is so used to not being in a friend mode, when your acquaintance tries to make an effort, it's unfamiliar to you, and so, your mind does what it can handle. my advice to you is to work on friend skills, and then you'll get "better".

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