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Do I need to upgrade my BIOS? How do I do it?

I have never updated or upgraded by BIOS before, but some say that I should. I searched up the company of my BIOS which is Award Software International, Inc. I couldn't find any updates or upgrades, and to be honest, I have no idea how to go about. I really don't want to screw up my computer and have to take it to get repaired.

I play a video game, and it was recommended that I enter some Advanced BIOS settings in my BIOS to change the AGP settings of my video card for better performance. After entering my BIOS no such settings existed. My motherboard is fairly new, and supports AGP 8X, so I can't see why I wouldn't have these options unless my BIOS is too old.

Can anyone help me out? I want to get to AGP settings overall, but if updating my BIOS is the only way to do so, then how would I go about it?

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    The only reason you would flash you bios is to add a much needed feature not available in your current bios. Check the motherboard manufacturers website for bios updates, they usually have a flash utility available.

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    I'm thinking there's no need to change the bios. Upon startup, hit the F1 key to check on the bios. I would suggest you probably want to leave the bios just the way it is. Once you start fooling around w/factory set up, you're treading water unless you really know what you're doing.

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    CPU and image card compatibility does not be counted on RAM, HD or 'bios'. a minimal of no longer what I even have heard of. CPU are backward nicely matched for many RAM. yet fairly, CPU and image card are no longer consistently nicely matched with all the mobo. fairly CPU. Older mobo can not help 45nm or 65nm CPU. The CPU slot basically does not extra healthful the extra moderen ones. examine up your mobo spec from the valid website. it is going to inform you no be counted in the adventure that your mobo is compaitble with the CPU which you're proceeding to purchase. And, same is going with image card. Older mobo does not help PCIe. make certain that your GC can extra healthful into your mobo slot. If it does extra healthful, then basically upgrading the GC motive force after setting up could artwork wonderful. BIOS likely is unaffected as lengthy through fact the mobo itself help all the upgraded hardwares.

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    Updating the BIOS is just like installing a software.

    However, the real challenge getting the file to run and install. I suggest that you be more specific in your search entries on your BIOS manufacturer's website.

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    Just leave it, the setting is probably already on by default.

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