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how much weight do yall think i should lose..?

i am 15 years old and almost 5'9 i weigh 165.. so how much do you guys think i should lose???

it would be reallly nice if you could give me some tips too:]]]

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    According to the BMI chart you should lose about 5-10 pounds to be healthy. Try walking for 30 minutes every day. Drink less water and serve yourself smaller portions. I lost a few by just stretching when I was watching tv instead of sitting. Good luck =)

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    The number on the scale doesn't matter as much as measurement and BMI. Calculate your BMI using your age, current weight and height first. There are tons of BMI calculators online so just find one and plug in the numbers. You should aim for whatever your recommended BMI should be for your age and height.

    Also, measure yourself. Pounds take more time to come off than inches, so that is why measurement is better.

    The two most important things you need to do is 1- Eat healthy foods and be aware of portions and 2- Try to aim for at least 30-45 minutes of physical activity. It could be as simple as walking around your neighborhood, or riding a bike, or doing an exercise tape.

    As for food, I am trying to eat healthier too, but that doesn't mean I skip sweets. Using portion control, you can still eat the things you like. Become familiar with food labels and how much calorie and fat intake each serving is.

    Lack of motivation is the number 1 reason why people cant stick to a diet or exercise plan. It is always great to have a buddy or family member doing the same plan as you so you both can motivate each other. Besides, it is a lot more fun to exercise with a friend than doing it by yourself.

    Overall, you should want to feel good about yourself, body, mind, and soul. Pounds are just numbers, after all.

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    I think you should lose 15 pounds

    I'm fourteen 5'7 and 130 and I look good so you should be good at around 150

    145ish. Here are some tips on how to help you lose weight.

    -Never eat after 5 p.m

    -Go hungry to bed

    -If you crave food, chew gum

    -Walk a lot. It truly helps. A brisk walk every evening speeds up your metabolism.

    -You can't just give up on junk food all at once because when you start eating it again you will gain all the weight back.

    -Cut back on juice. It is empty calories. I like love pop so I have it once a week. The other times I drink water and milk.

    -Set one day in a week that you will have a food you love. Like ice cream. Then you will look forward to that day and it will help you stay on track. Like you'll want a piece of pizza, but if you have pizza, you won't be able to have your ice cream.

    I wish you good luck! I went through the exact same thing last year and these things helped me a lot.

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    The correct weight for a 5'9 woman with a small frame would have to weigh 129-142ibs. A medium frame, 139-153. Large frame149-170.

    You can figure out your frame right here:

    Remember to always go by what's healthy, and not what you think you should weigh. It can easily happen to anyone, and it makes them unnecessarily depressed.

    So, if you weigh150ibs, and the ideal weight is 150ibs, than stick with it, it's the way you should be.


    Source(s): Free Report Here:
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    Personally I do not think you need to lose weight. You should just feel comfortable with who you are. But if losing this weight is extremely important to you then I suggest you lose 22 pounds. This is the ideal weight for your age and height according to:

    According this site your ideal weight is 143 pounds. However, please do not take pills or do anything drastic. Just simple diet and exercise such as walking, running, push ups, Treadmills, should do the trick. Try making it enjoyable as well.. exercise doesn't have to been stressfull make it enjoyable like doing Dance exercise dvds if you like dancing or walking with a group of people and socializing. Having support is excellent when trying to lose weight.

    Good Luck! You can DO IT!

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