i have a 1980 Mercedes Benz 300D, lacking power, any suggestions for after market accessories?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yeah, I have a 1979 MBZ 240d, and a 1983 MBZ 240d and they were both a bit sluggish when I first got them. A few things I did kept them right up with modern day gasoline cars.

    First: Change both fuel filters. The spin on one and the small inline fuel filter.

    Second: Get the valves adjusted, possibly the most overlooked maintenance procedure on the older Mercedes diesels.

    Third: Get a Diesel Purge done on your car. Diesel Purge is a liquid that you run through your injection pump and it cleans out all the carbon. Extremely Helpful.

    Hope that helps. I did all of these on both my cars and the difference is like night and day.

    Source(s): Myself and my cars.
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    ShowTy has an almost perfect answer. The only thing I would add to it is to clean out the ALDA fitting, this is the procedure:


    But to correct some of the really bad information presented above:

    - ATF added to Diesel works as a lubricant for the injection pump, sometimes this is a good thing to do. But make a habit of it, and you will clog your injectors.

    - These old Mercedes transmissions are not very tolerant of Mobil 1 ATF in their transmissions. It will tend to foam. You should change the tranmission oil and filter every couple of years.

    - Bosch, Mann, Hengst, Mahle, Wix, Baldwin filters, all fine. No need to go to the Mercedes dealer and pay through the nose for a filter. You need to change filters often in this car.

    - You should use the correct Mercedes hydraulic fluid in the power steering system, it's one thing that you SHOULD buy through Mercedes. It's probably time to suction out the fluid, replace the filter, and refill with fresh fluid.

    - Synthetic oils in the differential will inevitably leak.

    - Don't even think about changing the oil in your A/C system. A refill of R12 will cost more than the car is worth. A/C oils are very long lived esters, and freon never wears out. If it ain't broke, you really don't want to fix it.

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    Run a quart of ATF in the gas(yes the GAS) every month to keep the injectors clean. Change your oil to Mobil 1 SYN, or run DELO 15W-40 if you can't afford the Mobil 1 for normal oil changes.

    Do you have an AUTO tranny? Change the filter and fluid to Mobil 1 Synthetic(Good for ALL Dextron Apps), or if manual tranny, change that to Mobil 1 75W-90

    NEVER run anything other than MBZ filters for your oil, air, etc, FRAM, etc, is all garbage. Change the Power steering fluid to Mobil 1 DEXTRON/MERCON ATF, change the rear-end differential oil to Mobil 1 75W-90, make sure your AC has a proper oil charge along with the freon, get rid of excess junk in trunk, change to MBZ alloys if your car has steel wheels(ALL dead weight reduces power, etc)

    Reducing parisitic loses will increase actual power that gets down to the road, and increase fuel MPG...

    Stay away from after market stuff for your benz...gimmicks at best.

    Good Luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Purge,valve adjustment,clean tank screen,and Marvel Mystery Oil.14oz to a tank.

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