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It hurts when my boyfriend and i have sex... Why?

I am 17 years old. My boyfriend is 18. We have been together for 2 years and have been having sex for little under one. He is larger than the other 2 ppl i have been with, so it hurt a little bit the first few times we have sex. But somtimes theres a couple weeks to a month where it hurts really bad when we have sex. We use lube and condoms everytime, so i know its not cause im not er.. aroused. But im not sure what is wrong? can anyone help? It's not like it hurts continually why we are having sex just the first few moments but sometimes the pain is unbearable and we just have to quit altogether. It's begining to be annoying. I'm also kind of scared, does anyone know whats going on?


Well i cant really ask my doctor because my mom doesnt know im having sex. I get my birth control at planned parenthood. should i call them?

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  • Bats
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    You might have a bad yeast infection if you're experiencing a burning sensation. Nothing to worry about too much. You should go to your doctor to get it checked out so you can get medication for it and also to check if it's something else.

  • macko
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    IT HAS not something TO DO WITH YOU!!!! The penis is gentle so that's attainable to be injured whilst an substantial different is on suitable in the event that they flow and bend it in an uncomfortable way, the only turn away to large intercourse. whether he needs to get to a physician on condition that this is the pinnacle and this is been occurring for sometime, the foreskin would have a reasonable tear or would have rubbed incorrect (greater probable from to lots masterbation or commando jean chaffing) long adequate with countless friction to reason a burn yet particularly not likely. persuade him to bypass to the physician and function himself appeared at. even have you ever appeared at his penis and seen any sores? Herpes is yet another possibilty and if it is so then possibly you ought to get your self look at to in case you have not been utilizing secure practices.

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    you could have a cyst

    go get it looked at

    i had a couple and sex was very painful

    when it first started the pain wasn't that bad and it would go away but a year later it got worse

  • Anonymous
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    if it hurts in one spot it may be an exposed nurve this happened to my friend they had to do a minor surgery to remove a small part of the opening of her vagina. she says that it still looks the same but doesnt get that pain any more just talk to your gyno she/he will know just by doing an exam

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    if your boyfriend have a big on ,you no only one in the word,be careful for cervix damage.when you have sex grasp part of the penis with you hand and give support take some inch off.

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  • Dee
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    1 decade ago

    Could be a urinary tract infection. Sometimes there is a psychological component to this. You should see a gynecologist.

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    it could be any number of things. you may need to see a doctor. it could just be that your boyfriend is too big for you. but i would definitely get that checked out.

  • Anonymous
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    You might have a yeast infection.

  • You should see a gynocologist. He/she would better be able to answer your questions.

  • Chrys
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    1 decade ago

    try going to a Dr and asking him/her whats wrong...

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